Quote1 The Skrulls were looking for one of their kind... their own super champion. He's hiding here, they say... and I have a pretty good idea who he is -- Quote2
-- Johnny Storm

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Synopsis for "There's No Business..."

In the ruins of the recently destroyed Pier Four, the Thing assists members of Damage Control sifting through the wreckage. He gets to know a worker named Lenny and turns down a cigar when he is offered one, telling Lenny that he has given it up because the Fantastic Four needs a cleaner image in order to secure sponsors. When a piece of equipment lets loose some debris, Ben smashes it with a pipe causing shrapnel to scatter across the site. This earns him the ire of Kathleen O'Meara, the vice-president of Damage Control who chastises Ben for potentially getting people hurt.

Meanwhile at the headquarters of Damage Control, located in the Flatiron Building, Mister Fantastic and meets with Albert Cleary who has agreed to house the Fantastic Four in their headquarters until they can establish a new permanent home. Soon after the Thing arrives and is introduced to Damage Control's Robin Chapel by Johnny. When Johnny brags about being in a movie, Sue hopes that it isn't another Fantastic Four movie, but Johnny assures them that the feature is a solo one without ties with the Fantastic Four. Later, Johnny is driving out to Hawk Plaza where he meets with Mr. Hawk, owner of Hawk Pictures, unaware that some mysterious people are paying close attention to the Torch's activities. Hawk introduces Johnny to producer Bob Diamond and special effects master Lon Zleig. Johnny learns that he is going to star in a western but before they can get into anymore details they are suddenly interrupted by what appears to be the other members of the Fantastic Four. They accuse Lon Zleig of being a Skrull and "Mister Fantastic" orders Johnny to help capture him. As Johnny and "Reed" follow after Zleg, they are led on a chase through Hawk Pictures. When they finally corner Lon, it turns out that he's just not any Skrull, but the Super-Skrull himself.

While at that moment, aboard a space station in Earth orbit, Noah Baxter is given a report on the construction of a new structure in space. With the building nearing completion, Noah asks if the Fantastic Four are aware that they are nearly complete and if they are ready for them.

Back on Earth, the battle between with the Super-Skrull rages one until it appears that Kl'rt kills the Invisible Woman. However it turns out that she -- as well as the other members of the "Fantastic Four" -- as actually Skrull impostors. The Super-Skrull explains that all he wants is to be left alone and departs. Johnny then demands answers from the Skrull disguised as Reed. The Skrull reminds Johnny of the Super-Skrull's origins under the command of Emperor Dorrek and later how the Skrull homeworld was destroyed by Galactus. He explains that while the Skrull empire is trying to rebuild itself, the Super-Skrull is seen as a threat due to his association with the old regime and has been ordered to be assassinated. Johnny is fed up with this explanation and brings the Skrull up to the penthouse to explain everything. He sees the Super-Skrull has resumed his role of Lon Zlieg and is about to expose him when Kl'rt uses his hypnotic powers to make everyone forget his true identity. Soon Guardsmen are called to collect the Skrull assassin and take him to Area 52 for containment. With the danger over, Mr. Star takes Johnny out to meet the press and announces that the Torch will be taking the lead role in the new film "Blaze of Glory".

Back at the headquarters of Damage Control, Noah Baxter pays a call to Reed Richards. Both Reed and Sue are delighted to hear from Noah after all these years, but Reed is curious to know what he can do for Baxter. Elsewhere in the building the Thing is getting dressed to go outside. He pauses for a moment to examine the latest letter he has received from Alicia Masters before walking out into the busy streets of New York City.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed mentions Damage Control's previous encounter with Doctor Doom from back in Damage Control #2.
  • Sue hopes that Johnny isn't getting involved in a disastrous Fantastic Four film. As of this story the Fantastic Four have been personally involved in two films based on their adventures. The first being made by SM Studios way back in Fantastic Four #9 and later an embarrassing low budget movie in Fantastic Four Annual #12.
  • As revealed in next issue Noah is building a brand new Baxter Building.
  • The Skrull that Johnny captures goes over some pivotal moments in Skrull history:
    • Primarily the creation of the Super-Skrull under the command of Emperor Dorrek in Fantastic Four #18.
    • He also mentions the destruction of the Skrull homeworld which occurred in Fantastic Four #257.
    • He refers to the deceased members of the Royal family. Dorrek was murdered by his wife R'Klll in Fantastic Four #209. R'Klll took over the Skrull throne until she and Anelle were killed when Galactus consumed the throneworld.
    • At the time of this story the Skrulls were still recovering from the destruction of their homeworld At the time of this story the Skrulls were ruled by Intelligentsia a living computer as seen in Captain Marvel Vol 4 #8-10.
  • Although the Super-Skrull manages to maintain his Lon Zelig identity here it is later compromised for good in Fantastic Four: Foes #3.

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