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Quote1.png Abraxas. I appeal to whatever spark of eternity exists within you. Cease your mad quest to end all there is! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Worlds Apart"

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Other Characters:

  • Novas
  • Johnny Storm (Mentioned)

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  • Zeppelin

Synopsis for "Worlds Apart"

Roma has called Franklin, Valiera and Satyarnine to show them the progress the Fantastic Four is making in the quest to locate the Ultimate Nullifier in order to stop the multiversal threat known as Abraxas. They witness as Reed is active on a world where Earth is still in its 1930s, while Sue is on a world where Atlantis rules the Earth, and the Thing is on a world in the middle of a Cold War while also under threat from Galactus. Meanwhile, the Human Torch and the Nova from another reality are flying through space waiting on the other members of the Fantastic Four to bring them the location of the Ultimate Nullifier to them. Roma explains that Abraxas threatens to destroy the entire multiverse. She explains that the Eternity of each reality ensured that a Galactus existed in each universe in order to keep Abraxas in check. This balance was maintained until the Galactus of this world was seemingly destroyed, allowing Abraxas to break free and threaten all existence. With Galactus gone, only the Ultimate Nullifier can help them in stopping Abraxas once and for all.

On the world where Atlantis rules, Sue has agreed to assist the Johnny Storm of that reality in treating his friend Mac for a gunshot wound. However upon closer examination she recognises "Mac" as the Sub-Mariner, who still has amnesia on this world. Splashing him in the face with a pitcher of water is all that it takes to revive Namor's long lost memories. While Franklin Storm quickly advises Namor of what is transpiring on their world, Sue uses her device to pull part of the location of the Ultimate Nullifier out of Johnny's mind, completing her mission on this reality. On the Fantastic Four's home reality, Johnny suddenly shouts in pain as part of the directions appear in his mind. He and Nova press on further on their journey, while on Earth, the reality warping chaos continues.

While on the Cold War world where the Challengers of Doom are Earth's leading champions, Ben finds himself a prisoner of the group, who have mistaken him for this world's ex-husband of Susan Storm. He tries to explain to them that the threat of Galactus is real and not some propaganda hoax. However his pleas fall on deaf ears because Doctor Doom refuses to listen. When the planet gets rocked by earthquakes, Ben manages to break free from his cell. He manages to convince Sue that he is trying to help and learns that the Johnny Storm on this world is a Hollywood actor who lives in a penthouse within the Baxter Building. Rushing there, Ben transforms into the Thing. There he crashes in on this world's version of Johnny. Ben then uses the device to extract the information from his mind. This allows both Johnny and Nova to get a step further on their quest.

On the 1930s world, Reed is trying to make sense of the news that Johnny had died two days prior to his arrival. While the Five For the Future prepare for their ongoing battle against the Monocle, Reed learns that on this world his counterpart was only able to construct a one man craft to the moon and that Ben Grimm was the sole pilot who came back transformed by cosmic rays. With the Monocle responsible for Johnny's death, Reed also decides to help out to find things out. Going over his counterparts designs he finds the blue prints for floating platforms and begins working on them. Soon they attack the Monocle's zeppelin where they are quickly captured. However Reed realises that he hadn't lost his powers after all, that his body just needed time to adjust. Freeing himself, he and his allies easily manage to defeat the Monocle. Returning to their headquarters at the Empire State Building, Reed theorizes that the information pertaining to the Nullifier might have been passed along. He then tests it by scanning Sue's mind, and to his surprise, gaining the information he needs.

Back in their native reality, Johnny finally has the final piece of information to give him the location of the Ultimate Nullifier. Having come a to massive crystalline structure, Johnny manages to melt through a small segment and discover the weapon they are seeking. No sooner does Johnny have the Nullifier does Nova attack him, revealing that she had been in league with Abraxas the whole time. Suddenly, Nova and Johnny are transported into Roma's citadel and are soon joined by Abraxas who recovers the Nullifier from his loyal slave. Using his powers, Abraxas seemingly kills Roma with a single kiss. When the rest of the Fantastic Four return to Earth, they are suddenly confronted by Abraxas, his prisoner, and an army of Novas from different realities. Now with the Ultimate Nullifier in his grasp, Abraxas announces that with it nothing in the universe can stop him. As he says this, he doesn't see the determined look on the fact of young Franklin Richards.


Continuity Notes

  • The Five For the Future are a homage to the pulp magazine character Doc Savage and his supporting cast. Incidentally, a version of Doc Savage existed on Earth-616 in the 1930s. However due to Marvel Comics no longer maintaining the license to publish stories about the character, his adventures are seldom referenced.
  • Sue is shocked by a number of things on the world she ends up in:
    • The fact that her father is still alive. On Earth-616 Franklin Storm sacrificed his life to save the Fantastic Four from a Skrull bomb back in Fantastic Four #32.
    • Although not implicitly stated in this story, "Mac" is really the Sub-Mariner with amnesia. On Earth-616 the Sub-Mariner was stricken with amnesia by the villain known as Destiny as seen in Sub-Mariner #1. Decades later, Namor's memories were restored by the Human Torch back in Fantastic Four #4.
  • Although Roma is slain here she is presumably brought back to life when Abraxas is destroyed and all his damage is undone next issue. She is seen alive again (without explanation) in Uncanny X-Men #462.

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