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Synopsis for "Shadows of Doom"

World War II

The strange empowered children found on a Nazi expedition of the mountains of Tibet have been brought back to Germany for tests. There they become part of what is known as the Loki Project. Scientists work around the clock to try and condition these super-powered children to fight for the Nazis. When a commanding officer comes to check on the progress he learns that one of these children is particularly strong willed. When he demands that she is broken in, the young girl uses her powers to try and kill him. Prepared for this the Nazi scientists activate her inhibitor collar, causing the young girl extreme pain.

The Present

.... This young girl has grown to become a woman and is now within the United States military. Her reflections into her past end as she sits in on a meeting with military brass and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Richards is explaining to them the cause of the recent alien attack on New York City -- a group of bounty hunters hired by the Shi'ar to assassinate the Inhumans for their attempts on the life of their empress while they were enslaved by the Kree. Reed scolds the men gathered for using lethal force against the escaping aliens as their deaths could spark an intergalactic war. The military men are convinced that word will never get back to the bounty hunters superiors because they have confirmed that the entire crew of the escaping ship was atomised. Reed then plays back video from the battle between these bounty hunters and the Inhumans and Fantastic Four. The footage shows that while five aliens teleported into the battle. only four teleported out, and points out that one of them somehow escaped. The top soldier in the room tells Richards that they will find the alien and deal with it in the same way they deal with all aliens hiding among them. The irony of this statement is not lost on the young woman who smirks from across the table.

Reed points out that their "purist" ideals are in line with such racist groups as the Klu Klux Klan or the Nazis and reminds the men gathered that such thinking has always led to those groups downfalls. However, Reed still believes that the alien should be captured and informs them that he has constructed a device at his Baxter Building headquarters that will allow him to track the alien. The commanding officer tells Reed that the alien must be stop before it reaches an "alien underground" which he believes exists. It's then that Reed learns that the military is bringing in the second phase of a secret project to contain aliens that are active on their planet, Reed wants to know what they are talking about.

Meanwhile, on the set of Hawk Production's Rawhide Kid movie, Johnny begins his first scenes portraying the legendary gunslinger. The scene calls for Johnny to rescue an actress playing Rawhide's girlfriend from an outlaw. While Johnny aces the action sequence, he continues to flub his lines during a romantic speech afterword. With each cut, Johnny does worse and worse and his stress over the situation causes him to begin losing control of his powers. Eventually, director Bob Diamond, calls a halt to production and scolds Johnny for being so terrible at his lines. Johnny tells him he needs to cool off and flames on to fly away. Mister Hawk, the Producer tells assures Bob that the constantly burned costumes are in the budget and returns to his trailer. There he is greeted by his special effects artist, Lon Zelig, Coming to terms with the fact that the Human Torch is a bad actor, Lon shapeshifts into the Rawhide Kid and suggests that he himself take over the roll.

While back at the Baxter Building in New York, the Invisible Woman holds a press conference introducing the world to the Inhumans and explaining their intentions for finding asylum on Earth. One of the reporters is secretly one of the strange children from the war who listens as Sue explains that two of the Inhumans -- Medusa and Crystal -- have even been members of the Fantastic Four in the past. Soon the floor is opened for questions and the reporters begin asking increasingly xenphobic questions about their intentions. Soon their fear an hysteria beak down the line of questioning into racist tirades about the Inhumans less than human appearances. Suddenly the scene explodes into violence when one of the reporters tries to throw his microphone at Medusa. When Black Bolt uses his powers to destroy the object the reporters suddenly give into their hatred and try to rush the stage. Sue holds the mob back until the Baxter Buildings security systems kick in and force them out. However as the now-adult children, who have influences within the media, begin spreading propaganda across the airwaves, soon the people of New York City begin to believe that the Fantastic Four are traitors to the human race. A mob begins to form around the Fantastic Four's headquarters, vandalising it and shouting anti-Inhuman rants.

Earlier that day, Ben Grimm had reverted back to human form and has been using Reed's device to track the missing alien from the site of the battle at the United Nations. He gets as far as the alley where it was captured. There he finds evidence of a battle when he is suddenly ambushed by some Guardsmen. When they attack him, Ben reverts back to his Thing form. However the blasts emitted from their gauntlets hamper Ben's powers and he only transforms half way. Although Ben manages to hold his own against the two men, he is suddenly blasted from behind by Senso, the mystery woman who attacked him some time ago.

At that moment Mister Fantastic is addressing the United Nations about the situation with the Inhumans. Reed explains to them how he knows about their efforts to contain aliens that come to Earth and expresses his hopes that this is merely a phase. He reminds the assembled world leaders of how some aliens who have come to Earth have also doubled as its protectors, pointing out the original Captain Marvel and the Silver Surfer as prime examples. He also reminds them that the thunder god Thor walks among mortal men, pointing out that those with powers beyond those of mortal men and women walk the Earth regardless. He then stresses that the Inhumans should be entitled to sanctuary on Earth because it is the planet of their birth. Unaware that the strange beings have also infiltrated the United Nations and are influencing people here as well, Reed is upset to hear the leaders of the world deny the Inhumans sanctuary for a plethora of reasons, all of them out of fear. Reed is suddenly shocked when one member of the United Nations speaks up and offers the Inhumans sanctuary, the ruler of the nation of Latveria, the Fantastic Four's greatest foe, Doctor Doom.


Continuity Notes

  • The strange beings that were first controlled by the Nazis are have now infiltrated the governments of the world are identified as the Hidden Ones in Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #54, they are an offshoot of the Inhuman race.
  • The alien attack happened last issue, these bounty hunters were chasing after the fleeing Inhumans for their role in a failed attempt to assassinate Shi'ar leader Lilandra as depicted in Inhumans (Vol. 3) #14.
  • Sue mentions how both Crystal and Medusa have previously been members of the Fantastic Four in the past. Some facts:
    • Crystal has been a member of the Fantastic Four on two occasions. She filled in with Sue during her first pregnancy with Franklin from Fantastic Four #81 until she was forced to leave to escape the outside world's pollution in Fantastic Four #105. She later rejoined the Fantastic Four when Reed and Sue took a break from the team from Fantastic Four #305 to 317.
    • Medusa had a stint with the Fantastic Four during a period in which Reed and Sue were separated that lasted from Fantastic Four #131159.
  • Reed mentions how Captain Marvel betrayed his people to become a champion of Earth and how the Silver Surfer betrayed Galactus to save the Earth. Mar-Vell defended the Earth starting in Captain Marvel #1 and the Surfer betrayed Galactus in Fantastic Four #4850.

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