Quote1 They may be a bunch o' nutty idjits, but they're all just as good at clobberin' as I am! How in blazes am I s'posed ta fight a damn army o' me? Quote2
-- Thing

Appearing in "The Ever-Lovin', Blue-Eyed End of the World: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "The Ever-Lovin', Blue-Eyed End of the World: Part 2"

The Fantastic Four are in crisis mode: The Thing's body has been creating violent berserker versions of himself that Reed was forced to shunt to a pocket unvierse of his own creation. With only a few hours before they are forced to return, Sue and Johnny are busy trying to reach out to their various allies to try and get help. With the Avengers and Inhumans are unavailable. Reed impresses upon them the dire situation, if he doesn't find a solution, the Thing reproductions will return to Earth and decimate the entire planet.

In the pocket dimension the Things are running rampant across the empty utopia world. With the real Thing as their prisoner they intend to "clobber" him because he has the ability to revert between human and Thing forms. As Ben is being tragged away by his crude prodigney the future casting television continues its stream of a possible future where these Things get loose on Earth and cause untold destruction and death. Ben takes a pounding while the television informs him that he will fall in battle trying to stop these creatures and the military will be forced to consider a nuclear option to destroy the monsters. As he flicks off more of the nodes growing off his rocky skin, the Thing hears how the Fantastic Four were the first to die in battle and the first innocent casualty will be none other than Reed and Sue's daughter Valeria.

Back on Earth, Johnny and Sue continue to try and reach out to the superhero community to no avail. Meanwhile Reed is commuicating with a group of experts on how to try and resolve the problem, but the others hear Reed express his frustration over being unable to resolve the problem. While back in the pocket dimension, the Thing tries to find a solution of his own even admid more dire broadcasts from the future. Deciding he needs some kind of improvised weapon, Ben begins crushing the futuristic cars into compact balls of scrap into massively dense projectles that he can use against the growing armies of berserker Things.

While at the Baxter Building, Johnny and Sue check on Reed and to learn who he is talking to. They are confused when Reed talks about how he has a newborn daughter and the Human Torch on his world is male. Reed reveals who he is talking to by flipping on a visual revealing that he is communicating with alternate versions of himself from across the multiverse. This "Congress of Reeds" have been putting ideas together to try and discover a solution to the problem but so far they have not been successful. At that moment back in the pocket dimension, Ben has made an arsenal of projectiles and begins lobbing them at his evil duplicates. While he has the element of surprise the berserkers manage to swarm him. When all seems loss suddenly someone ELSE begins tossing his projectiles. To his surprise he has been saved by other spawns from his skin who are altruistic and wish to help him stop the berserkers from destroying everything. With this addition of these new allies Ben is ready to face off against his foes.


Continuity Notes

  • These things are a byproduct of the fact that the Thing regained the ability to revert human form at will back in Fantastic Four Vol 3 #38. He sacrifices this ability next issue.

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