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Synopsis for "April is the Cruelest Month"

The Invisible Woman is at the site of Oracle Inc. where she is taking martial arts training from Iron Fist. She is able to hold her own against the fighting master using the skills she has been taught and an invisible bo-staff. As the battle becomes heated Iron Fist loses his cool and instinctually uses his trademark Iron Fist power on Sue, shaking the whole building in the process. As the other members of the Heroes for Hire come to see what all the commotion was, Iron Fist is horrified by what he has done. However they find that Sue is still alive, having blocked the blow with a force field, and is taking it all in good fun. With the training session over, Sue decides to cool down by swiming in Oracle Inc.'s swimming pool. There she is suddenly pulled under the water. Soon realizing that it is none other than the Sub-Mariner. Sue uses her powers to raise them both out of the water. The two reminiss about their past feelings for one another but Sue reminds Namor while this moment is seemingly romantic she is still in love with and married to her husband. When Namor asks Sue if her husband ever sweeps her off her feet, she reminds him that some things are beyond Reed's capabilities. Namor recalls their experiences in the pocket dimension and reminds her that she could be queen of Atlantis. Sue again reminds him that she is married and she could no more betray her marriage than anything. She also suggests to Namor that his conquest of her heart would not be worth it if she had done it out of unfaithfulness to her current husband. Namor ends the subject by telling her that he only wishes for her to be happy, regardless what she does and that he will be a true friend to her in the future should the need arrise.

On her way home Sue spots a strange sight, a London police car, that has been following her since she left Oracle Inc on her way back to Pier Four. Seeing her brother Johnny waiting outside she tries to get him to take the license plate number down but it is gone before he can, although Johnny doesn't know what the big deal could be. Johnny tells Sue that she is in for a great shock and to go inside. Going into their new headquarters Sue is surprised to see that Reed has filled it with flowers he has bought for her. After meeting Alyssa Moy who has returned to the United States with Ben and Reed, Reed tells Sue that he is taking Franklin to a Yankees game. When Sue asks why she can't come along he explains that he has made arrangements to be fitted for a new gown so he can take her dancing at the Rainbow Room the following night. So is touched and also realizes that today is the anniversary of the first time Reed asked Sue out on a date. Ben decides that the couple need some privacy and takes Alyssa on a tour of their headquarters. As he shows off their newest model of the Pogo Plane, Alyssa asks him if he thinks that Reed has been acting strangely since the battle against Crucible. Ben dismisses it as Reed getting hit hardest during the fight and Alyssa can only hope that Ben is right.

That night Reed and Franklin head to the Bronx where they watch the Yankees play. It proves to be a wonderful night for Franklin who manages to catch a game ball with the help of his father. Meanwhile the She-Hulk and Wasp have taken Sue to the fashion district of SoHo and the store owned by Kay Cera, the most hottest couturier of the moment. They are introduced the Kay who is more than happy to design a dress for Sue, telling her that her fashions are made for the individual. The following night Reed is preparing for his evening of dancing with is wife. He is remarked upon by his teammates and Alyssa. Moy is still suspicious that something is wrong with Reed and questions him with a chess move. When Reed flawlessly answers it with a counter move that would put her in a checkmate position he departs. As Reed steps into a cab, he fails to notice some strange beings teleporting onto the roof of his headquarters. Reed soon meets Sue in the Rainbow Room and is stunned by the dress she has had made for her.

Back at Pier Four, Ben is preparing a meal for everyone Alyssa and Franklin. When he cracks an egg out from within comes an anthropomorphic chick calling himself Hard Boiled Henwy. When Ben grabs the little guy he notices that Henwy has a clock face on his forehead that is counting down. Suddenly there is an explosion that rocks the building. Ben and Alyssa are then confronted by Gatecrasher and the rest of the extra-dimensional bounty hunters known as Technet. Gatecrasher explains that they have come to collect Franklin. Ben refuses to turn over the boy. While Alyssa flees with Franklin, Ben tries to hold his own against Technet whose diverse powers trounce him. As Reed and Sue continue their date, blissfully unaware of what is happening back home, Alyssa frantically tries to make a call to the police on a pay phone. Ferro² of Technet manages to catch up and nab her and Franklin before she can complete the call.


Continuity Notes

  • Mention is made about Namor's past romantic interests in Sue which first began in Fantastic Four #4 when he was revived in the modern age. Early on Sue was divided between feelings she had for Namor and for Reed. However according to Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special #1, Sue made up her mind that she wanted to be with Reed following the events of Fantastic Four Annual #1 during a botched attempt by Namor to kidnap her. Sue eventually married Reed in Fantastic Four Annual #3. Namor still carries a torch for Sue even after all this time.
  • The London Cab seen in this story is a hint that Sue is being pursued by the Warwolves as revealed in next issue. This London police car was nicked by the Warwolves back in Excalibur #1.

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