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Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 1 of 3"

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Synopsis for "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 1 of 3"

In order to work on his most recent mathematical equations Mister Fantastic insists on doing his work in the middle of Times Square. Sue comes along with him to make sure he is invisible so that Reed's work isn't interrupted. Sue still finds this need to be incredibly strange. As the two discuss the situation the people around can only see what appears to be a woman talking to and hugging nothing, leaving some of them confused because they are unsure if they are witnessing the world-famous Invisible Woman, or someone who is insane. When the couple kisses Sue drops her invisibility and the crowd is convinced of who she is and they begin to cheer. Soon both Reed and Sue are signing autographs for the people who have gathered. While doing so, Reed explains how he is troubled by the strange mystical attack that managed to breach their security systems. When the two begin discussing what could have possibly had the power to do what they do, they gloss over the idea of Franklin being responsible as his powers have been shut down. However they both come to the conclusion that Valeria has never been tested for the potential for mutant powers. The couple abruptly leave their fans and head back toward the Baxter Building. With Ben babysitting the children, Reed contacts him via communicator and learns that they are on a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

Meanwhile, Johnny is at the table of the first meeting of Fantastic Four, Inc. after he was given the job of Chief Financial Officer of the company. Sitting in with staffers Jian Feeta, Christi Stoger and Ethan Crane, Johnny finds the latest financial reports from the company dreadfully boring. As Johnny exits the meeting he confides in Jian that the more he learns about the business side of things the more he realises he doesn't know. As Jian gives him words of encouragement, Stoger and Crane watch them go on. The pair are scheming against Johnny, putting plans into motion to make him botch the contracts with Suarti International so he gets fired and they get a promotion. Back in his office, Johnny still feels overwhelmed by the amount of work and the pressure of the job. Johnny decides that instead of giving up he should look for something that Reed invented that might be able to make the job easier.

While Reed is preparing to do a DNA scan of Valeria, Sue is marvelling over his new productivity device and learns that the private sector paid him a large sum of money to not release it to the general public. Soon Ben returns with the kids and when Franklin tries to tell them how their day was, Reed quickly silences the boy so he can focus on scanning Valeria. The adults appear to be oblivious to the fact that their attention on Val has hurt Franklin's feelings. After Johnny finds out that Reed is scanning Valeria's DNA, he asks if Reed has an advanced calculator he can use. When he tries to take Reed's new calculating device, Reed cautions him against it as it has more computing power than anything in the solar system. Johnny finds this very interesting.... The following morning, Sue enters Reed's lab to find him and Valeria sleeping in a chair. She wakes him with a kiss and he informs her that Valeria's results come in and reports that she is a normal baby child. The couple are unaware that someone is sneaking back Reed's device. No sooner is Johnny gone that the screen activates and a hand -- comprised of mathematical formulas -- emerges from the screen.

Later that day Ben and Sue take in a movie, after taking their seats Ben questions her motivations for putting Johnny in charge of their financial futures. Sue tells Ben that she believes that Johnny is responsible enough. Ben points out a truth, stating that Sue blames herself for Johnny growing up to be an irresponsible adult. While the previews begin to play a strange energy containing formulas begin to pour out of Ben's communicator and projects itself on the movie screen. When a humanoid form begins to push itself outward, Sue and Ben realise this is not part of the show and quickly evacuate the theater. When some people protest they are convinced when the strange being beings wrecking the theater. Sue shields the last of the patron as Ben confronts the strange being composed of equations. The creature uses its abilities to change the composition of the floor so Ben falls through and falls into the subway tunnel below. When it then tries to attack Sue, she uses her force field to block these attacks. When the creature counters this move, it uses its abilities to disassemble the composition of her arm into its bast components.

When the Thing gets back up, Sue warns him not to touch their attacker, Ben smashes it with a girder. When he checks on Sue he learns that she has contained the gas that comprised of her arm within an invisible prosthetic. The creature then attacks Ben, using its powers to start dissolving his rocky exterior. Sue saves him by sealing him in a force field as well. The creature then demands that it be brought to Reed Richards. When Sue asks why, the creature informs her that it loves him.


Continuity Notes

  • Reed states that Franklin's powers are dormant. The Fantastic Four have been aware that Franklin has been a mutant since Fantastic Four #141. Over the years his powers have gone through various periods of activity and dormancy. At the time of this story, Franklin's powers had gone dormant after he used his powers to resurrect his sister Valeria in Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #49.
  • There are various references in this story that should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.
    • Reed and Sue refer to his computing device as a PDA or personal digital assistant. This terminology . The term PDA is no longer in common usage. Reed's reference to electronics giant Sony asking him not to see the design should also be considered at topical reference.
    • Johnny asks Franklin if they cancelled Invader Zim again. At the time this story was publish the Invader Zim television series had just recently been cancelled.

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