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Quote1.png Val gets all the 'tension 'cause you love her so much now an' I thought Daddy's computer could fix me. You'd love me lots if I was smarter. Quote2.png
Franklin Richards

Appearing in "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 2 of 3"

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Synopsis for "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 2 of 3"

Sue is shocked to hear that some strange creature comprise of mathematical equations -- which has dubbed itself Modulus -- demands to be brought to her husband as it loves him. It explains that it is the result of his ideas and that it is the only thing worthy of his love and anything else must be destroyed. When it tires to destroy Sue, Ben fights back but the force fields they are using to keep their bodies together after Modulus made some of their body parts dissolve into their base elements causes feedback. Still, Modulus breaks off the attack and retreats into one of their communicators. When Sue tries to activate it and warn Reed she is surprised to find that it is no longer working. Ben suggests they get back to headquarters so they can warn Reed and Johnny, but until then the two are on their own.

Johnny, now the Fantastic Four's Chief Financial Officer, is along with Fantastic Four Inc, employees Jian Freeta, Christi Stoger and Ethan Crane as they meet with famous fashion designer Jacob Suarti at his penthouse home. Suarti is glad to see Johnny, and begins impressing him with his wealthy and bevvy of attractive women. This is all playing into Stoger and Crane's hands who are hoping this business deal becomes a disaster so they can get Johnny fired and get promoted in his place. Johnny learns that Suarti wants to purchase the secret to Reed's Unstable Molecules for his next line of fashion. Johnny is initially enticed by the attractive bikini models and quickly snaps out of it. He tells Suarti that the Unstable Molecules are a trade secret and not for sale. This is where Stoger and Crane step in pointing out that the Fantastic Four license out the formula to the Avengers for their uniforms. The two then convince Johnny to make the deal since he is in charge. They play on his insecurities to the point that he decides to go through with making the deal, after contacting his sister. However when Johnny reaches for his communicator, Modulus emerges from within it and begins attack. Johnny flames on to face his foe, but Modulus prepares for this by using its powers to change the water in Suarti's penthouse swimming pool into hydrogen, causing a massive explosion when coming into contact with Johnny's flames.

Back at the Baxter Building, Reed has been informed of the situation and is already working on a solution to restore both Ben and Sue. As Ben soaks in a tank that will reform his lost rock platting, Reed examines the gas that was once Sue's right arm and believes he can restore it to normal as well. While discussing the nature of Modulus, both Reed and Sue note its similarity to the screen of Reed's new computing device. Unaware that Franklin is watching, and is very horrified but what he is hearing, Reed explains that the device had a near limitless data storage space because it stored information in a electrochemical dimension that was devoid of life. He theorises that something caused the equations stored there to become sentient. When Reed instantly believes Johnny was responsible, Franklin cries out when seeing his mother's injury and fesses up that he was the one who tampered with the device. When they begin asking Franklin what he did he eventually confesses that he was upset that Valeria was getting more attention than he was and hoped the device could fix whatever was wrong with him.

This revelation hits Reed and Sue pretty hard, but before Reed can appease his son, Johnny comes crashing in through the wall. Johnny warns them that Modulus is on its way to the Baxter Building. Sue orders Franklin to take Johnny to someplace safe until he recovers while the rest go outside and deal with their attacker. When Modulus uses its powers to make the exterior walls of the Baxter Building, Reed and the others rescue the innocent people that are in the way. Reed orders Modulus to stand down, but the creature refuses, telling him that he is the cure for its loneliness. When it tries to merge with Reed, it is blasted by Johnny. Sue and Ben then join Johnny in an attack on the creature. As they fight it, Reed takes the time to scan the mathematical symbols that comprise Modulus. Realising there is no equals symbol, Reed realises that Modulus is not a living equation, but a living expression. Coming up with a solution to stop their foe, he grabs Sue and retreats inside the Baxter Building. Putting on some gloves, Reed explains that Ben and Johnny need to keep Modulus in check while he finds an opposing equation that will allow them to defeat Modulus. When Sue asks what that equation is, Reed explains that it is the one that defines who he is.


Continuity Notes

  • Unstable Molecules were first coined by Reed Richards way back in Fantastic Four #6. This story states that the Fantastic Four license out the material to the Avengers although when cannot specifically be stated. Reed also started designing costumes for the X-Men circa Giant-Size X-Men #1.

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