Quote1.png I understand your longing, Modulus... but you will never know the love I have for my family. For my son. Quote2.png
-- Mr. Fantastic

Appearing in "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 3 of 3"

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Synopsis for "ʃ£πt¡Σπ+: Part 3 of 3"

In order to stop the living statement known as Modulus, Mister Fantastic has travelled into the dimension which spawned it in order to create a mathematical equation that defines his very existence as Modulus is apparently in love with him. Back on Earth the Human Torch and the Thing are the only things keeping Modulus from entering the Baxter Building and eliminating Sue and the kids in its attempt to be the only thing in Richards life. No matter what they throw at their foe it is able to calculate an appropriate responce, forcing the two to flee it. As they run, Ben realizes why such a creature has Reed so much on edge.

As Reed begins creating an equation construct in the other dimension, Sue has gathered Franklin and Valeria and area preparing to get them to safety. Along the way she stops to grab a communicator and give Reed a status update. As Sue answers some questions about Reed's personality, she quickly discovers that Modulus has destroyed the Fantasti-Car in order to prevent them from escaping. Reed quickly realizes that Modulus can travel through their com-links and tells Sue to terminate their conversation and ditch the device. Back outside, Johnny and Ben try to lure Modulus into an abandoned building. However the creature uses its powers to multiply the floors causing the comprimised building to collapse on itself from the added weight. Ben survives the collapse but Johnny is knocked out.

Meanwhile, Sue is rushing the children into Reed's lab where she hopes to use their transporter to send the children to the Moon where they can be protected by the Inhumans. However, as she tries to activate the device Modulus destroys it. Sue holds Modulus back with a force field as she ushers her children out of the room. Although Modulus knocks Sue out, it decides to chase after Franklin who manages to flee into another part of the lab. There he comes across the portal to the mathematical dimension and sees what appears to be his father coming out of the portal. This causes Modulus to pause but upon closer examination it is not the real Reed Richards, but a mathematical construct of his entire being. When Modulus freaks out at this, Reed explains that it is merely an expression finding a means to balance however it cannot be with him as he will always be its greater. Reed explains that it cannot quantify the love that he feels for his family and son and convinces Modulus that it is futile to subtract those things from his life. Seeing the logic of the situation Modulus stops its battle and merges with he mathematical construct of Reed instead. Finally made balanced, the two merged equations return to their home dimension. With the danger passed, Franklin tearfully tells his father that he loves him. Just then Ben and Johnny come crashing in to find that the battle is over. Reed recovers the vial containing the gas that comprises of his wife's arm and prepares to restore her to normal.

In the aftermath of the battle, Johnny asks Sue if Franklin is going to get punished for causing the danger to begin with. Sue tells Johnny that Franklin is getting what he deserves. In Franklin's room, Reed has sat down to play a card game with his son. When he tries to make an illogical move, Franklin corrects him. Reed tells the boy that he is a good teacher.

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