Quote1 Well, Dr. Richards? Shall we team up to rescue the Fantastic Four...? Quote2
-- Unnamed Time terrorist

Appearing in "Planet Future"

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Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Quintus
  • Titor (Celeritian)
  • Michio (Celeritian)

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Synopsis for "Planet Future"

Aboard the Fantastic Four's time/space ship, Mister Fantastic tries to talk to his daughter Valeira, who is upset that he has been keeping the cellular decay of the Fantastic Four a secret their entire trip through time and space. He tells Valeria that she has every right to be angry with him but insists that he needs her help and will allow her to provide her input no matter what. This piques Valeria's interest and she agrees to help on those conditions, despite Reed's initial reservations.

Valeria has the ship taken to the planet Celeritas a highly advanced planet that suits her needs. They are greeted by two Celeritans, Titor and Micho. While Reed and Valeria are taken to the biggest lab on the planet, the rest of the Fantastic Four are offered a tour of the planet, although Johnny declines the offer, telling them that he doesn't feel very well. Along their tour, the Invisible Woman and the Thing notice what appears to be a 20th century Earth-style building among the futuristic buildings, but when they ask about it Titor tells them not to disturb it. As Valeria has her equipment taken to the lab, the Human Torch accidentally steps on some of Franklin's Leggo, and warns Valeria that they need to cleam up after themselves or their toys might get melty.

Suddenly, the planet is rocked by a literal time bomb that warps reality and replaces the lab building where Reed and Valeria are working with an ancient one. The Celeritans are then forced to admit that they have trouble: Time Terrorists, who believe in reverting history to a previous and simpler time have been attacking their world. Titor explains that Reed and the others have been pushed forward in time. Elsewhere, the being responsible -- humans who call themselves the Preservation Front, become aware of the Fantastic Four being in that era. Realizing that the heroes have a space-time ship, they begin plotting to take it from them. Elsewhere, Valeria, Reed and Johnny find themselves in the distant future of Celeritas where the planet is on the verge of collapse. Scanning the area they find a number of miniature portal of space-time. Reed is worried that time is being broken in this way. Suddenly, Johnny spots a flame streaking across the sky and decides to flame on and investigate.

The Human Torch flames on and flies after the flame trail, which gives him chase. Eventually, the strange flame reveals it's true form: what appears to be an older version of Johnny Storm himself. Back on Celeritas, the Preservation Front appears and attack Sue, Ben, and Franklin. Their Time-Bombs cause more rifts in the future time that Reed and Valeria are in. While the battle in the past continues, Valeria takes her father to the lab so they can work on a solution that will give them an edge up on collapsing space time: creating more time. As the Preservation Front start to overwhelm Sue and Ben, Franklin uses his powers to knock them out. While in the future, Valeria and Reed build the device they need to create more time in the future. They then call in Johnny and are surprised to meet an older version of himself. The pair help create the heat needed for the pair's attempt to repair time. Back on Celeritas, the leader of the Preservation Front notes how the rocks on Ben's hands are crumbling and offers them a deal: give over the time-space machine and the Preservation Front will help them find a cure for their conditions and return home.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Fantastic Four…trapped in a doomed universe!

• Spacetime have had quite enough of the First Family of the Marvel U running rampant across her! Things are about to get cosmically punitive.

• Could someone or something be behind the illness that’s befallen the First Family?

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