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Appearing in "Planet Future, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Planet Future, Part 2"

Grudgingly agreeing to assist the Preservation Front, the Invisible Woman, her son Franklin, and the Thing take their ship to the far future where the Front had been displacing objects from the planet Celeritas. However, when they arrive in this distant period they find no trace of Mister Fantastic, the Human Torch, or Valeria. The leader of the Front suspects that they escaped this time period into the past and suggests they go there to rescue them.

Meanwhile, in the prehistoric past of Celeritas, the missing members of the Fantastic Four, Valeria, and a much older alternate version of the Human Torch find themselves in this era. When they are attacked by a massive prehistoric creature, both the Torches flame on and take it on. While in the distant future, the others are preparing to follow after them. Franklin notices that more of the Thing's rocks are falling off, but he tells Franklin not to worry about it. They travel back in time and arrive just that the Torches defeat the creature, but t he Preservation Front's time ship is ruined in the transit.

While the Fantastic Four are reunited, Sue and Ben also are introduced to the future John Storm. While they compare notes, the members of the Preservation Front take the opportunity to steal the Fantastic Four's time-space ship, stranding the team on this prehistoric planet. The Fantastic Four find themselves surrounded by prehistoric creatures. Struggling with the constant attacks, their failing powers, and the cryptic words about their future from Old John Storm, the Fantastic Four are soon overwhelmed by a swarm of prehistoric creatures. Franklin uses his powers to revert them into harmless balloons. Suddenly, a new time-space ship arrives and the Fantastic Four are surprised to discover that is controlled by the future children of the Preservation League. They apologize for their parents for stranding them in the past and offer them the upgraded ship to continue their quest. As they leave on of the children wishes them luck in the "Doomed Universe" before Valeria can ask more, the ship takes off for their next destination.

As the Fantastic Four settle in for the ride, the Thing is horrified as the last of his rocky exterior crumbles off, revealing his old lizard like hide underneath.

Solicit Synopsis

• Things get desperate and the Fantastic Four have to mastermind a planetary heist for a technology that could save their lives.


Continuity Notes

  • The Thing's body reverts back to a form similar to the one he wore when he first mutated as seen in Fantastic Four #1. As explained in Marvel Two-In-One #50, the Thing's form continued to mutate until it adopted his trademark brick-like form.
  • The climax of this story where Ben has reverted back to his hide-like form is a homage to Fantastic Four #245 a story where Ben was in his hide like form and reverted back to his brick-like form at the very end.

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