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  • An unidentified Galaxy (First appearance)



Synopsis for "First Boots on the Ground"

The Fantastic Four's time space ship arrives at its first destination: 37.984 lightyears from Earth to the planet Zeta Doradus. Under the guise of a scientific exploration for their children, Reed's true reason for traveling out this far is to find a cure for his molecular decay, something that he has been keeping a secret from the others. His work is interrupted by his children, Franklin and Valeria, who have come to tell him that they have arrived at their destination. When they exit the lab, they find Johnny compromising a specially designed seat created for Ben as part of a prank. They join the Invisible Woman in the cockpit so they can all witness their approach on Zeta Doradus. Soon Reed, Sue, Johnny and the children are preparing to go to the planet surface, Ben has agreed to remain aboard the ship in case anything goes wrong. Before taking off, Valeria asks what's wrong with Ben, but Reed insists that there is nothing wrong with him.

Although the advance probe lands on the planet surface, it is soon grabbed by the planet itself and pulled into the ground. Not noticing this, the three members of the Fantastic Four and the children land on the planet surface. No sooner are they out of their ship are they attacked as well. While Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch try to fend off the living planet and rescue the children a distress call is sent to the Thing aboard the ship. When the Thing looks out the window, he witnesses an even more massive planet with a yawning maw approaching Zeta Doradus. While Sue keeps everyone safe aboard the ship, the Thing jumps down to the planet surface, ripping apart tentacles allowing the ship to pull free. The Torch then uses his flame powers to free Ben. The team manages to escape just moments before Zeta Doradus is consumed by the massive planet. Reed is amazed to see that it is a predatory world that lures in food to be consumed.

Flying to safety, the Thing notices that it is now New Years Day back on Earth. Sue has everyone swear to a new years resolution: no more surprises. Reed keeps silent about the danger he is in and agrees that there will be no more surprises.


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