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Quote1 Just once, buddy, ya gotta trust me that maybe you don't know everything. Doctor Doom is all my fault. Quote2
The Thing

Appearing in "Nativity"

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  • Fantastic Four's ship

Synopsis for "Nativity"

Years Ago

At State University, Ben Grimm is tossing around a football with his friends when he accidentally knocks down Victor von Doom who is walking by with buckets of paint. This causes paint to spill and Victor chastises Ben for causing the situation. This irks Ben, and later at a party, he his goaded by his friends to play a prank to get back at Von Doom. Although Ben and his friends break into Doom's private lab, they find nothing simple enough to wreck. When Ben looks into one of the other rooms he finds a bunch of strange mystical symbols painted on the walls in luminescent paint. As he leaves, Ben smears one of the singles with his hand.

At that very moment, the future Fantastic Four have arrived in this era. Mister Fantastic has developed a device that will put them out of synch with time and allow him and the Thing to examine the accident that will scar Victor von Doom's face, leading him to become Doctor Doom. They reason why they are doing so is because Ben has recently admitted that he may have been responsible due to a college prank caused by Ben's tampering. Although Ben insists that he is responsible, but Reed reminds Ben of Victor's tragic upbringing and his ascension to becoming Doctor Doom. As the Fantastic Four's time-space craft approaches State University, the Torch and Invisible Woman inform Reed that they are not alone. Hovering above the school are a number of ships that are also out of synch with time. Down below, the Parliment of Doom are standing around the experiment that scarred the faces of many of them and they are preparing to celebrate the birth of Doom, calling it "the Nativity".

As they wait, this era's Reed Richards enters the room and goes over the Victor's notes. This eventually leads to the moment where Reed tries to warn Victor that his calculations are off, but Victor refuses to listen. One of the alternate Doom's attempts to take the opportunity to eliminate Reed Richards then and there, but the other Doom's stop him, explaining that they must never interrupt the Nativity. As the Dooms continue to witness this historic event, Mister Fantastic and the Thing -- unseen even to the Parliment of Doom -- begin examining the room for signs that Ben's tampering is responsible for the creation of Doctor Doom. Although Reed sees no sign of this situation, Ben still cannot bring himself to watch Victor to have his accident. Deactiating the device that keeps them out of synch with time, the Thing pulls the young Victor von Doom off of the device and smashes it.

Young Victor easily recognises Ben, and begins to curse him again as the other Doctor Dooms also appear to deal with him. Mister Fantastic enters the fray and pulls young Victor to safety while Ben fights his counterparts. However, Reed soon discovers that the prevention of the accident has nothing to stop Doom's dreams of conquest as he breaks free and sides with the Parliment of Dooms and tells the two heroes to begon. With no other choice, Reed and Ben return to their ship. As the Parliment of Doom indoctrinates their newest member, Mister Fantastic assures Ben that no matter what they do, Victor was always destined to become Doctor Doom.

Solicit Synopsis

• Did a good-natured prank-gone-wrong mean Ben Grimm caused the accident that led Victor Von Doom down his wicked path?

• As the sickness spreads to the other members of the family, their attention turns to righting this past wrong -- could saving Victor be the only way to stop Dr. Doom?

• Before they answer that, however, they have to deal with the Council of Dooms who treat the day of the Incident as a kind of nativity -- and dozens of Dooms from dozens of realities have come to witness the birth of the Alpha Doom… oh boy that dorm room is gonna get crowded fast.


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