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Quote1.png The red-- I thought a fresh color would signify a new start after our last set of travails... But they never felt quite right. Quote2.png
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Appearing in "East of Eden: Part Five"

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Synopsis for "East of Eden: Part Five"

Camp Hammond is under attack by what appears to be Thor. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stationed there, nor the Future Foundation can stop this attacker from reaching the children of the Future Foundation and kidnapping Franklin Richards along wit the others. In the aftermath of the battle, the original Human Torch has summoned the Sub-Mariner to confirm the identity of the man responsible. Once they eliminate the possibility that it is the Thor or one of the others using his name, and not some other influence, Hammond shows Namor the security photos and asks Namor if he knows who it is.

Meanwhile, at New Eden, Mister Fantastic is now the prisoner of the man who calls himself John Eden. He asks Eden why he is doing this to his family. Eden agrees that he will as well as force Richards to do as he needs. When Reed doubts this, Eden advises him that not only are his minions -- heroes from Franklin's pocket dimension -- more than willing to beat him but that he also has the Future Foundation as his prisoners. Elsewhere in the facility, the Wizard has more of these fake heroes strapping Franklin Richards into a machine while the captive Future Foundation watches helpfully. The only one not imprisoned is Bentley-23, who is at his "father's" side apparently have embraced his evil side.

At that moment, on Rykers Islands, the Thing and the Sandman are breaking out of prison. After a visit by the She-Hulk who laid out their plans, the Thing then tells them to the Sandman. First, Ant-Man uses an EM pulse power down the cell cubes and power dampers. While all the other prisoners are disorientated when their cells disappear, the Sandman creates a sandstorm to cover his and Ben's escape. They sprint down the supply tunnel before the back-up power turns on. However, just when they think are on easy street, they are confronted by the She-Thing. But, instead of impeding them, Sharon allows them to pass and tells Ben to do what he does best: get the bad guy. Once they get into the end of the supply tunnel they are freed when She-Hulk and Darla Deering smash through the wall, allowing them to get out of Rykers. They are then picked up by Medusa and the rest of the Royal Family who help Ben escape.

Later, Sue, Johnny, and Ben are reunited at a long forgotten Fantastic Four property in California. After the pleasantries are out of the way, they begin trying to figure out what happened to Reed. Although media reports state that an explosion at New Eden killed him, Sue doesn't believe that they are true. Johnny points out that he still doesn't have his powers, but Ben and Sue both agree that this shouldn't keep him out of action. Ben even brought Johnny's costume. However, Sue has a better idea than wearing their new red costumes, however, Sue has brought ones she thinks are better suited: blue. With their new costumes on, Sue tells the others that it's time to go and find Reed.

Solicit Synopsis


• The rebuilding of the FF starts here, with the return of the BLUE UNIFORMS!

• Can THE THING and SANDMAN escape from super villain prison?

• Camp Hammond attacked and the FUTURE FOUNDATION kids kidnapped…by THOR?


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