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Quote1.png Uatu the Watcher was dead, murdered. Me 'n' some other heroes wuz there... When everythin' changed! Suddenly I knew stuff-- A memory. Thing is-- Tha' memory wuzn't mine. Quote2.png
The Thing

Appearing in "Original Sin: The Fateful Four Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Original Sin: The Fateful Four Part 1"

After losing their court case and losing custody of the Future Foundation, the Fantastic Four are trying to sort out the events. The Thing decides that he needs some time to himself and disembarks from the Fantasti-Car. When Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Johnny continue on their way back to the Baxter Building. Mister Fantastic hopes that he can sort out what needs to be done to get their family back. However, when they arrive they discover the Avengers waiting outside their door. Captain America and Iron Man explain that they have been sent because the United States Government has also asked that the Baxter Building be locked down in order to prevent any of the dangerous inventions inside from being used. This latest development upsets Sue, especially when she learns that they cannot go inside and recover their personal belonging and that they can be sent wherever they resettle. Completely upset, Sue lashes out on the Avengers.

At that moment at Camp Hammon, Alex Power tells the original Human Torch that the children just learned that Dragon Man has been confiscated by the government and is planned to be shut down. Their protests went unheard of because the government considers Dragon Man an android and therefore not a living thing with rights. This statement does not sit right with the Torch, who is also an android. Later, at the apartment of Johnny Storm, the Thing pays him a visit. He is furious at Johnny and Reed for keeping something a secret. Having no clue what Ben is talking about, he asks Ben to explain himself. The Thing explains how he and a bunch of other heroes had just finished fighting the villain who calls himself the Orb who had possession of one of the Watcher's eyes. In the middle of the fight the Eye gave off a blast of energy, it was then that the Thing suddenly remembered...

Years ago, the Human Torch returned to the Baxter Building and found a massive pod, the latest attempts by Mister Fantastic to return the Thing to human form. Deciding to poke around in it himself, the Human Torch opened the door and sat inside. He closes it up just moments before Mister Fantastic and the Thing enter the room. Reed explains how this attempt will invert the radioactive particles that caused the Fantastic Four's mutations. However, Reed points out that this is a one shot deal, if they try this method they will not be able to try it again.

Without hesitation, the Thing enters the device and at first it looks as though it is going to cure him. But something goes wrong, causing Ben to wildly mutate into an half man-half-Thing form and screams in excruciating pain...


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