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Synopsis for "Original Sin: The Faithful Four Part 3"

Betty Brant reports about the latest in a series of misfortunate events in the life of the Fantastic Four...

... After supposedly murdering the Puppet Master, the Thing is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, as the only eye-witness -- Mister Fantastic -- cannot prove that the Thing didn't murder the Puppet Master. The situation was only made more heated because the Thing let Reed know of how he knows that Reed had lied to him about a cure for his condition from years earlier.

Three days prior the Fantastic Four faced another tragedy when they were evicted from their headquarters on orders from the United States government. When the Avengers went to deliver the news, the Invisible Woman lashed out at them. Furious at this latest affront and also having the Future Foundation children taken from her, she unleashes the full extent of her powers and was able to hold her own against the entire team of Avengers. However, the battle was quickly ended thanks to the arrival of the original android Human Torch. As the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. responsible for her children's well-being. He can't take her to them but promises that he will do everything in his power to keep them safe. Although Sue stops her battle, the fact that another battle involving the Fantastic Four causing damage to the city is not well received and Reed and Sue are forced to leave.

Things aren't entirely grim, even though they are out of a home, all their inventions seized, and their children taken away, Reed is offered a job to work at the Eden facility, an artificial island located on Lake Michigan. The highly scientific facility is self-sustained and eco-friendly, greatly impressing the couple. When they land, they are welcomed by Eden's owner, John Eden. Meanwhile, at Camp Hammond, the original Human Torch that he has just learned that Dragon Man is slated to be deactivated that evening, and the Future Foundation children convince him to stage a rescue mission. While back in Manhattan, Johnny Storm learns that his tour has been canceled after it has been made public knowledge that he has lost his powers and the record studio is now backing a new super-human named Radiance. This sudden change of circumstances angers Johnny, but there is nothing he can do. Lastly, the Thing arrives at Rykers Island while he waits to go on trial for the murder of the Puppet Master. There he is taken to the Power House, the section of Rykers reserved for super-powered individuals. As he enters the block, the super-villains imprisoned there look down at him with pure disdaine.

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