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Synopsis for "Friends & Enemies"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

“The Two-In-One Terrors!”

• Marvel’s First Family are divided and at each other’s throats!

• As the Earth-ending threat of the KING IN BLACK rages on, half of the Fantastic Four are Knullified and out to destroy their remaining friends and family!

• If that weren’t ancient force has reemerged in the Multiverse. Who—or what—is THE RECKONING?!


  • Exactly how the Thing and Human Torch are freed from Knull's control is left unrevealed, as the issue ends with them still under his control before skipping to an epilogue after they've been freed, directing readers to King in Black #5 to see how it happened. However, King in Black #5 shows both of them already freed from Knull's control.


  • Despite being mentioned in the solicitation, the side-story involving the Unseen does not occur in this issue.
  • The Thing gives local Yancy Street bar owner Terri a hand hanging her bar's sign that ostensibly reads "Kavanagh's", implying she is named Terri Kavanagh, an obvious nod to former Marvel comics editor Terry Kavanagh.

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