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Synopsis for "The Utterly Awesome Adventure of Mass Master & Fabulous Frank!"

Franklin and Jack have run away from home, and are now in a train on their way to Hudson Valley. Along the way, they create their own comic in which they are the worlds greatest heroes.

Power Pack and the Fantastic Four notice the two have gone missing, but unfortunately so does Dr. Doom. While Power Pack quickly figures out where Jack and Franklin are heading to and follow them there, Dr. Doom prevents the Fantastic Four from finding Franklin (by jamming the signal from the nanomachines that Reed Richard secretly installed injected in Franklins blood) and sends Kraven the Hunter to capture Franklin for him.

Franklin and Jack make their way to Jacks' old treehouse, only to find the rest of Power Pack waiting there. Kraven also shows up and tranquilizes Franklin. Power Pack fights Kraven and his pack of dogs, and eventually defeats him by collapsing the treehouse on top of him. When Alex suddenly receives a phone call from his girlfriend Chrissy Fletcher, realizes Alex mainly wants to keep their identities a secret because of her. While the two argue, Kraven manages to activate a green orb Doom gave him, which captures Katie, Jack and Franklin in a force field and flies them to Latveria. Julie and Alex follow.

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