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Fantomelle is a product of the Weapon X Program, presumably the most recent version. She is based in part on Fantomex, genetically engineered with a personality that enjoys daring thefts. Fantomelle has apparently escaped from the Weapon X Program's control and operates independently. She was approached by Mystique's team about helping them infiltrate Sinister's fortress.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Gestalt Illusion Casting: Like Fantomex and E.V.A., she is also capable of casting illusions. Unlike them, she is limited by physical contact with her partner, Culpepper.
  • Dimensional Body Positioning: According to herself, she is capable of controlling her body's position in six dimensions. This allows her with some difficulty to fold herself and an unknown amount of nearby matter out of a trap that shunts victims into an extradimensional vacuum, and return seemingly out of nowhere to normal space-time.


  • Master Thief: She is considered by Neuro as the only person who could infiltrate and steal Wolverine's corpse from Mr. Sinister's fortress.


She owns a fox she names Culpepper.

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