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The Far Shore is a realm of unbeing where there is neither time nor space. It stands apart from the personifications of existence, and is thus outside the range of their influence. Various beings were exiled there throughout the years, including the First Firmament, the Challenger, and Thanos.[6][4][3]


The Mad Titan

When the Seventh Cosmos was destroyed as a consequence of the incursions,[8] Doctor Doom used the power he stole from the Beyonders to create a new reality from its remnants. Thanos of Titan was one of the survivors of the old Multiverse who managed to make their way to said reality.[9] He defied Doom and was killed for it.[10] His soul, however, didn't go to any afterlife. It was instead sent to the Far Shore, where Thanos remained exiled even after the Multiverse was brought back as the Eighth Cosmos. Eventually, Thanos witnessed as Galactus arrived in the Far Shore to save the Ultimates, who had exited the Multiverse in order to fix time, which they thought was broken. With his mission complete, Galactus returned to the Eighth Cosmos, unaware that Thanos had followed him through the portal he opened.[6]

The First Firmament

After being shattered into pieces in the final conflagration of the Celestial War, the First Firmament, personification of the First Cosmos, escaped to the Far Shore in order to survive. From there, he watched as new, collective entities born from his substance replaced him and one another as embodiments of everything that is. Growing resentful for being substituted with beings he considered inferior to him, the First Firmament waited millennia for the right moment to try to reclaim his position. That moment came when Eternity, one of the two entities who represented the Seventh Cosmos and sixth Multiverse, was left weak in the wake of his rebirth as the Eighth Cosmos and seventh Multiverse.[4]

Unbeknownst to all, the manifestations of previous Multiverses were still alive, waiting for Eternity's call for help against the First Firmament in the Far Shore. Upon learning that, Eternity called on them and they were able to defeat the First Firmament before he could exact his plan. The Multiverses subsequently took the First Firmament to the Next Place in the hopes of healing him of his hatred towards his own kin.[11][12][13]

The Challenger

At some point in the distant path of the Seventh Cosmos, the Elder of the Universe known as the Grandmaster was challenged by his fellow Elder En Dwi Gast to a game in which the loser would be banished from reality until the day it came to an end. En Dwi won and claimed the Grandmaster title for himself; meanwhile, his opponent was sent to the Far Shore. As soon as the Seventh Cosmos ended and returned as the Eighth, the Elder previously known as the Grandmaster made his way back to his home reality and challenged the current Grandmaster for a rematch, thus earning him the title of "Challenger."[3]

During the rematch game, which was held on Earth, the Challenger discovered the Grandmaster was using his own daughter, the Voyager, to cheat in the game, so he disintegrated his opponent and tried to destroy their playing ground next. However, the Avengers, the mightiest heroes of the planet, fought and, ultimately, defeated him.[14] Later, Voyager took the Challenger back to the Far Shore in order to reform him by making him watch the Avengers' adventures, hoping that they could inspire him like they inspired her.[5] He ended up escaping from imprisonment there at a later point.[15]

The All-Seeing

Following Heimdall's death at the hands of Bullseye,[16] Valkyrie escorted his soul to the Far Shore so he could cross over to the Mystery as he wanted.[17]



  • Beyond the Far Shore there is only the Mystery.[5]

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