Quote1 But, thought Dorma has betrayed you -- the allegiance of Mistress Fara is ever to the realm -- to the crown -- and to you, my Prince! Thus, I cannot be silent -- while villany is done! Quote2
-- Mistress Fara

Fara felt ignored by her Prince, the Sub-Mariner, and saw Lady Dorma as the only obstacle between her and Namor's heart. When she noticed Dorma taking a surface-dweller into her bedchamber, Fara seized the opportunity to turn Namor against her. She sped to Namor's side, and suggested the Dorma was secretly plotting with the surface-dweller.

Namor rushed to Dorma's chambers to confirm this report, only to find that the mysterious surface-dweller had transformed into the Hulk. Battle ensued between the two titans, and Dorma was quickly knocked unconscious.

Fara saw another chance to rid herself of Dorma, and snuck up to kill her while Namor was busy fighting. Unfortunately for Fara, the battle was still raging nearby, and a wall was toppled onto her. The Wall instantly killed her, but Fara's body acted as a shield, saving the fair Dorma.[1]

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