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The Kingdom of Italy was a member of the Axis powers and ally to Nazi Germany in World War II. It was led by Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini. After the military defeat of Italy at the hands of the allied powers in 1943, the fascist regime survived as a puppet state to Nazi Germany in the northern part of Italy, the so-called Italian Social Republic. It ended with the capitulation of Germany in 1945.

Below are the recorded accounts of Italy's encounters with the worlds wartime super-humans and other notables:


In December of 1940, Benito Mussolini or an imitator (strangely calling himself "Benny Musciline") worked personally with Adolf Hitler or a likewise imitator (calling himself "Adolf Hiccup") to coerce the Human Torch's sidekick Toro to work for them in Slaveland using impostors of his deceased parents. The Torch followed after his ward and deliver a humiliating defeat, burned off "Hiccup's" mustache onto "Benny's" forehead. Realizing the errors of his way, Toro rejoined his partner in crippling the weapons manufacturing operations in Slaveland.[1]


1941 saw many clashes between Fascist Italy and the African adventurer Ka-Zar, as Italy's attempted expansion in the African region encroached on the hero's territory in the Belgian Congo. The first such encounter occurred in January of '41 when a Royal Air Force pilot was flying Ka-Zar back home at the end of an adventure to America. They ended up in a dog fight with Italian fighter planes, while the British plane was shot down it succeeded in destroying all the Italian fighters.[2]

Later, in June of that year, Italian forces occupying Ethiopia found one of their supply trains smashed by Ka-Zar and his animal allies.[3] In July, an Italian base preparing for an attack on British colonies in Kenya also felt the wrath of Ka-Zar and his allies. One night they stole the base's ammunition and used it to detonate a nearby dam flooding the valley the base was located, drowning all the soldiers within.[4]

By August of that year, the joint venture between the Nazis and Italy saw the construction of vast air fields in the Belgian Congo. To this end, Nazi planes dusted large tracts of jungle with poison gas to kill all the plants an animals to allow for Italian forces to clear the land and build bases. This earned the ire of Ka-Zar once more who snuck into the base wearing a stolen Italian uniform. Spotted, the hero stole a tank and wiped out the base,[5] ultimately stealing a Nazi plane and gassing the rest of the soldiers.[6]





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