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Fatboys (Earth-616) Daredevil Annual Vol 1 4B 003

Eightball, Butch, Darla, Ralf

The Fatboys are a group of Hell's Kitchen youths drawn together by their love of skateboarding. Butch, Darla and Alfie, originally known as the Bratpack, befriended Longshot, earning the wrath of his nemesis, Mojo. The otherdimensional dictator briefly mutated the three youngsters into his agents: Snitch (Butch), Jubilee (Darla) and Straight Arrow (Alfie). The were rescued by the New Mutants, Psylocke and Captain Britain and returned to normal. Butch, Darla, Eightball and Ralf befriended Matt Murdock and Karen Page as the pair was setting up a free law clinic in their neighborhood. The Fatboys also became fans of Daredevil, and they often tried to emulate his heroic deeds. Usually, this behavior led Daredevil to lecture them on the dangers of being a hero. The Fatboys later attended Page's funeral


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