Father Adam was an ex-Army Ranger who became a priest. When he began committing some unnamed sin,[1] he prayed to Hell to help him cover it up, selling his soul in the process. When Kazann manifested on Earth, Hell called in their marker, making him kill his entire congregation by blowing up his church.[2] He headed to Texas in order to kill the Ghost Rider.[3] He tried to shot a bullet anointed with holy water at the Ghost Rider but failed at the first attempt, leading the Ghost Rider to burn him alive. Still alive,[4] Adam managed to score his second shot before succumbing to his wounds and burns.[5]

In Hell, Father Adam was awakened by Hoss disguised as God, who made him for a few instants that his sins were forgiven.[5]


Being an ex-Army Ranger, Adam was an excellent marksman.[4]


Adam was armed with bullets anointed with holy water. It is unknown where he obtained these, or if he anointed them himself.[4]

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