Quote1.png God made the world imperfect, and he made us capable of seeing a better world-- and wanting it. To see if we could get there. He wants us to fight, son. It'd have been one thing if He'd just given us a perfect world. He could have, and maybe we'd understand that gift and cherish it the way we should. But maybe not. If we make it ourselves, though, at the cost of our own toil and time and blood, why... We'd never let it go. Quote2.png
-- Father Jordan src


Father Jordan was a member of the ancient Ordo Draconum who ran a church in New York City,[1] and was the leader of the New York Watchpost of the Ordo Draconum.[2]

Under a disguise, Matt Murdock visited Father Jordan's church during a time of personal crisis. Jordan convinced Matt to take a walk and talk, considering Matt didn't want to confess anything specific.[3] After successfully beating up a group of muggers who tried to rob them, Jordan revealed Matt he was a member of the Ordo Draconum.

Father Jordan's tattoos

The following day, Matt decided to visit Father Jordan without a disguise, and confessed to him that he was Daredevil.[1]


Skilled Combatant: Father Jordan appears to be trained in unarmed combat, being able to effortlessly fend off three muggers.[1]

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