Quote1.png I am the Dispatcher of Destiny... the Lamplighter of Legendry... the Imparter of Immortality! Quote2.png
-- Father Time src


Father Time appears as a time-manipulating Elder of the Universe who unsuccessfully attempts to place Captain America in stasis alongside other iconic figures of American legend and folklore, including Uncle Sam, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, and Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan.[citation needed]

Contest of Champions

Father Time took part in a contest of champions between the Elders of the Universe to decide who would keep the Iso-8 that was now abundant after the rebirth of the multiverse, his champions lost and he was eliminated from the contest.[1]


He was able to fight Cap in hand-to-hand combat, and force him to grow older as they fought.

Father time is completely immortal, and might be omnipotent and omniscient, possibly omnipresent.


The Scythe of Time


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