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The Fathom Five, was a militant Atlantean splinter group determined to destroy humanity. They were a strike force formed from the "Fury of the Sea", a group of undersea terrorists who seek to destroy air-breathers. The team consisted of Llyron, Bloodtide, Dragonrider, Manowar, and Sea Leopard. To meet their goals, they even went as far to team up with Baron Strucker and Hydra.[1] The team later attacked the Persian Gulf and the coast of China.[2]

In an attempt to destroy all surface life, the team attacked New York. They attacked and lashed out any one they met in the streets. The Thunderbolts counteracted the team, forcing the Fathom Five to retreat.[3] After repulsing a force of Atlanteans sent to capture them,[1] the Fathom Five attacked New York again. The Thunderbolts against opposed them, and after a long battle, the Five were defeated. Llyron and Sea Leopard managed to escape. Bloodtide, Dragonrider, and Manowar were taken into custody.[4]

Llyron was nearly killed by the Radioactive Man and tossed into the water unconscious.[5] He was arrested by the Atlanteans and was returned to Atlantis, only to discover that he had radiation poisoning, and furthermore, had spread the poisoning among the Atlantean population.[6]

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