Fawn was a mental construct created by Rick Jones after he had received one of the Nega-Bands[1]. When she first appeared on the O. K. space station , no one but Rick could see her[2]. She reappeared on a nameless planet where Rick and Captain Marvel had crash-landed. She lured Rick away from Marvel and convinced him to remove his helmet[3]. Rick became poisoned by the atmosphere, because Marvel was fighting Drax the Destroyer at the same time and was using all of the Nega-Bands' power. Fawn interupted their battle, causing Drax to have a moment of revelation and alerting Marvel (who still could not see her) to Rick's condition[4]. When Rick and Marvel were thrust into one of the Infinity Gems to battle each other, Fawn entered after them with the cybor Rambu and stopped their fight[5]. She was killed by the Supremor who recognized her true nature[1].

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