As a young woman in the 1930s, Faye was a member of British high society, and chanced to attend a gala hosted by a certain Nathaniel Essex. She grew attracted to the handsome stranger, and he to her, for he knew she was a mutant and thus valuable to his genetics research. Faye willingly subjected herself to Essex's twisted experiments, until one day, he, without warning, released her.

Faye Livingstone (Earth-616) from X-Men Annual Vol 2 1995

Faye Livingstone in the present day.

In modern times, Faye had become a very old woman, confined to a hospital bed. As part of his revenge against Sinister, Genesis captured her, and also had his Dark Riders abduct Jean Grey in hopes of using her telepathy to make Sinister relive his life with Faye in order to mentally break him. Faye and Jean were rescued by Beast, but Faye found the time to use her telepathic link with Essex via Jean to share one last dance with him. She then succumbed to her advanced years, and Sinister surprisingly entrusted her body to the two X-Men and allowed them to leave in peace. The X-Men departed, wondering if Sinister in fact had the capacity to love within him.



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