Fazal was one of the Zuagirs, the Desert Wolves.

Under Conan's leadership, and during his absence to Akbitana, he was for a time in command of them.

He was attacking a religious caravan (which was forbidden by Conan) when Conan returned, leading to a disagreement between them. As the caravan was already defeated, Conan decided to loot it anyway. Amin found the priest trying to hide the Cat-Goddess idol. Intending to hurl it into the desert, Conan finally kept the idol due to whispering winds originated from it, and began to lead raid with more savagery and ferocity, and also with ever-growing casualties.[1]


With a couple of Zuagirs, Fazal captured him, and stole the idol, who again emitted whispers in the wind urging him to keep it. The morning, Fazal assembled the host and decided to attack a city, despite their reduced numbers.

As the Zuagirs still kept Conan in awe, Fazal decided to leave him behind instead of slaying him, considering he first needed a victory. Chained, Conan witnessed the Zuagirs attack[1] Rub-El-Harim[2] and being decimated, until Fazal, terrified, fled the battle.

Conan liberated himself and caught Fazal in his retreat and full of rage, either due to his former idol-induced fury or because Fazal was abandoning his own men, battled him, grasping the idol and using it to block Fazal's sword and force it in him, killing him. Conan then hurled the idol and left, while the Zuagirs kept being slaughtered.[1]


Fazal invoked Ishtar's name repeatedly.[1]

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