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Quote1.png That's the problem -- losing control. With this full-throttle fear factor in the air, Man-Thing might go supernova. And I'm the someone who's got to rein him in. But I'm not scared. I may be trapped in a world I never made -- but I'm not here alone... Quote2.png
Howard the Duck

Appearing in "Part One: Fight Fear With Fear"

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Synopsis for "Part One: Fight Fear With Fear"

Man-Thing is on a rampage in Manhattan, empowered by the panic and fear of recent events. He makes his way to a park, where he surprises a high school couple sitting on a bench and reduces them to burnt corpses.

Later, while the police are processing the scene, Howard the Duck has called in She-Hulk for help, but he is distracted by a tiny mechanical object in his hand. She-Hulk asks him about it, but he tells her it's nothing. Then, he tells her that he needs her help bringing in Man-Thing because the fear spreading across the world is making him too powerful, which could lead to the destruction of all of New York City. Howard intends to bring him in safely, but if it has to come to it, since he is his friend, he will be the one to take him down.

Downtown, Nighthawk has been tracking down something big and green, unaware that it is Man-Thing he is after. His search brings him to a group of thugs using fear to terrorize two women, which he believes is for cowards. He beats them viciously, distracting him long enough for one of them to come up from behind him with a gun. However, using fear himself, Nighthawk is able to implant doubt in the thug's mind, giving him the chance he needs to defeat him. Suddenly, he comes to the realization that fear is a powerful weapon, and from now on, intends to fight fear with fear. As he continues his search, he runs into Howard and She-Hulk, who inform him that the being they are all looking for is Man-Thing.

All of a sudden, they hear people shouting about a monster. The threesome find a mob of people, including police officers, surrounding Frankenstein's Monster. Though they wonder how he got to New York, they come to his aid, but the New Yorkers, driven by fear, won't stop coming after them. Soon, as things begin to escalate, Howard is able to get Frankenstein's Monster to work with them. Eventually, after working as a team, which Howard dubs the Fearsome Four, the mob runs away. However, they discover that it was Man-Thing they were fleeing from. Then, using the Nexus of All Realities, Man-Thing turns them into hideous versions of themselves.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN FOUR MARVEL HEROES SUCCUMB TO FEAR ITSELF! Do you fear... your protectors turning on you? Man-Thing has gone mad as fear consumes the world, and Manhattan will burn. The only heroes that seek to stop him have given into fear themselves, and no one is safe! Ryan Bodenheim illustrates the dark side of the Marvel universe as a team of monstrously talented artists spotlight Fear Itself, each through the eyes of a fallen hero. Eisner Hall of Famer Michael Kaluta leads the charge, transforming Nighthawk into the most frightening vigilante you’ve ever seen!

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