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Synopsis for "Part Two: Stranger Bedfellows"

The hideously mutated Fearsome Four are fighting Man-Thing, but the mutations are making them lose their minds and they are hardly acting like a team. Soon, they all turn on one another and start fighting amongst themselves, giving Man-Thing a chance to escape. Without Man-Thing present, the team changes back to normal.

After realizing that Man-Thing had somehow made them a part of the alternate reality instead of just transporting them there, Howard frantically searches his pockets to make sure he still has the tiny gizmo from earlier. She-Hulk and Nighthawk ask him about it but he simply tells them that it's important.

Frankenstein's Monster attempts to leave the group but Howard demands to know where he came from. Frankenstein's Monster admits to knowing that a mysterious being is after Man-Thing. So while the team searches for him, Frankstein's Monster tells Howard about how he came to be in New York. First, he tells him about his unfortunate origins and how he never had any friends. Then one day, he was captured and experimented on. His captor conditioned him by making him experience hate, doubt, and worst of all, fear. Eventually, he was brainwashed into searching for Man-Thing, leading to a fight between the two in New York City. Frankenstein ran into Howard and the others shortly after.

The Fearsome Four finally find Man-Thing, who has already been found by Psycho-Man, the person who had enslaved Frankenstein's Monster. Psycho-Man claims Man-Thing as his weapon, making Howard angry that he would call his friend a weapon. Psycho-Man shows them his new emotion-controlling device, now with fear as its only setting, and tells him that he plans to collect the energies stored up inside Man-Thing and create a fear bomb.

It is not long until Psycho-Man defeats them, but Man-Thing steps in and rips off his right arm. As the team regroups, Man-Thing summons Spider-Man, Wolverine, Grey Hulk, and Ghost Rider, the New Fantastic Four, from another reality.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! Fear makes us do terrible things—but it will also make the Fearsome Four BECOME terrible things! Twisted by their own terror as well as the reality-warping powers of a fear-drunk Man-Thing, Marvel’s Strangest Heroes transform into horrendous versions of themselves. Howard the Duck, Nighthawk, Frankenstein, and She-Hulk mutate from hero to monster freaks—and instead of saving the city the foursome just might end it. It’s a mad tale told by Brandon Montclare, Ryan Bodenheim, with covers by living legend Michael Wm Kaluta. And joining the ghastly crew of creators and characters, the one and only Simon Bisley illustrates a special in-story Spotlight!


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