Quote1.png I can only imagine where you took the others...but me? My greatest fear's right here, isn't it? I don't need a Nexus of All Realities to concoct the nightmare scenario..."Killing you." That's the awfullest thing anyone could ask--for me to lose another friend when I've already lost just about everybody. But I ain't scared no more. You were always pretty out there, Man-Thing--and now you're too far gone. I've gotta do what's right, right now--I need to stop worrying about me and save you from yourself...because that's what friends are for. Quote2.png
-- Howard the Duck

Appearing in "Part Four: The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is..."

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Synopsis for "Part Four: The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is..."

When Howard the Duck first went from his home to Earth, he feared he would be alone. But eventually, Man-Thing appeared and handed him the No-Thing before bringing him to Earth. The No-Thing was a weapon that originated in the Nexus of All Realities but was discovered in the Microverse. The Microverse scientists attempted to use it on Galactus on one occasion, but his previous encounter with the Fantastic Four and the Ultimate Nullifier convinced him to flee. But unlike the Ultimate Nullifier, which is powered by intelligence, the No-Thing required the user to be brave.

However, now that Man-Thing has become powerful enough to destroy New York City, Howard can't use it. Out of options, the Fearsome Four decide to fight him. Nighthawk is determined to find what Man-Thing fears, Frankenstein's Monster knows fear, She-Hulk thinks they should fall back, and Howard wants to know what Man-Thing wants him to do.

All of a sudden, the Nexus of All Realities activates. It is then that Howard comes to the realization that the team needs to face their fears if they want to use the No-Thing and stop Man-Thing. Psycho-Man couldn't use the No-Thing because he doesn't understand bravery. Howard tells Nighthawk not to embrace fear. Then, he tells Frankenstein's Monster that he needs to grin and bear the suffering he has been forced to live through. After him, he tells She-Hulk to trust in herself, even if the future is uncertain.

Finally, they are all sent to alternate realities. Nighthawk finds himself on a city street being harassed by a few street thugs. He realizes that he has to learn to keep his cool and not hide behind his fears by terrorizing others. Frankenstein's Monster is in a reality where he is being burned at the stake by other heroes. Consumed by the flames, he realizes that his immortality means that one day he may find a purpose in life. As for She-Hulk, she is in a cemetary surrounded by the graves of deceased heroes, all of whom were killed in a confrontation, making her the only hero. But she understands now that there's hope as long as there is one hero left. Howard faces Man-Thing, knowing that his biggest fear is losing another friend. But he sees now that he can't let Man-Thing continue his rampage and he must do the right thing.

Now that everyone has faced their fears, the team is reunited. This time, Howard is ready to use the No-Thing. But he realizes that he doesn't need to use it because it was their fears all along that has made Man-Thing unstoppable. Slowly, Man-Thing begins to lose power until he returns to normal.

In the end, Nighthawk decides to go back to fighting crime. Frankenstein's Monster leaves to hunt down Psycho-Man and stop him from enslaving others like he did to him. She-Hulk offers to stay with Howard, but he wants her to go help save the world. Howard lets Man-Thing flee before he can be captured, leaving him alone at last.

Solicit Synopsis

What kind of monster does it take to kill a monster? Man-Thing is a ticking time-bomb... and the clock just ran out. Ignited by FEAR ITSELF, the strange creature has lost control of his deadly powers and the Fearsome Four are forced to face their worst nightmares made flesh. Sometimes when you stare into the Nexus of All Realities, The Nexus stares back at you! Why should you fear Fear Itself? Find out in this incendiary conclusion! Including our final spotlight scene by Timothy Green II (IRON FIST, ROCKET RACCOON) following Howard the Duck’s heroic journey to save a world he never made!

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