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Quote1.png Legate, you have one hour to arm every available vampire who can hold a weapon. And then... the Vampire Nation goes to war. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Hulk vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Hulk vs. Dracula (Part 2)"

Possessed by the Hammer of Nul, the Hulk has been cutting a swath of destruction across the Carpathian region of Romania. This has led to a conflict between the Hulk and the Vampire Nation that resides in the region. After her ship was crashed by the Hulk, Captain Luna pulls herself from the wreckage so she can continue to report the situation on the battlefield. Dracula has deployed a monster attack force to try and stop the Hulk, but this he enhanced power, the Hulk easily knocks smashes his way through them. Watching from his castle, Dracula and his son Janus watch this from the war room in Castle Dracula. Seeing the destruction, Dracula demands that they find a means of defeating the Hulk otherwise they will all be destroyed. Once the last monster is destroyed, Janus informs his father that the battle took less than 20 minutes, less time than Dracula hoped to gather his armies. Pulling his father aside, Janus pleads to his father to let Raizo Kodo free so he and his Forgiven can assist in trying to stop the Hulk. After some reservation, the Lord of the Vampires concedes and allows Razio and his followers free.

Once free from the dungeon, Kodo asks for every scrap of information available on the Hulk. He is quickly brought up to speed about the magical hammers that have been causing chaos across the planet Earth. Kodo figures out that the hammers did not activate until the wielders touched them, indicating that they were specially made for each wielder. He believes that his Forgiven can keep the Hulk distracted while they find a means to stop the Hulk. Dracula scoffs at this and hopes that Raizo isn't too attached to his people. The Forgiven are then dispatched to the town of Pasnic, a small town not far away from Castle Dracula. There Nighteyes orders Ghost Blade, Quickshot, and Inka to evacuate the villagers while she and Visigoth buy them some time. When the Hulk arrives he lands just past the two vampires, hardly caring that they were even there. The others are trying to get the villagers out as quickly as possible, so Inka scares them into fleeing. However, they soon learn that a priest is trapped in a burning church. Regardless of the risk to himself, Quickshot rushes in and rescues the priest before the hallowed ground can destroy him.

Not far away, the Hulk runs into a couple fleeing in their car. Before they can be harmed, Visigoth gets between them and the Hulk. However, Visigoth is easily knocked aside and buried under the crumbling church. While back at Castle Dracula, Legate is upset that Raizo Kodo is going over the same data that they previously reviewed. Distracted by his constant complaints, Kodo breaks one of Legate's fingers. When Legate complains to Dracula, the Lord of the Vampires can care less. While back in the village of Pasnic, Nighteyes is the only member of the Forgiven that is left to face the Hulk. Although she is very agile and much faster than the Hulk, he still manages to grab her and toss her into a building. She is quickly joined by Sanjay, who attempts to keep the Hulk distracted with his ability to become intangible. However, when the Hulk realizes that he can't strike his opponent, he uses his massive lungs to blow Sanjay away. Back at the castle, Janus, Legate, and Dracula begin planning what to do next while Raizo Kodo meditates before the information the vampires have gathered about the Hulk. Suddenly, he makes a connection between the Hulk and Betty Ross and tears her picture off of the bulletin board. He tells Dracula that no army and no weapon have the ability to stop the Hulk then departs. While Janus and Legate think they are being abandoned by Kodo, Dracula is certain that his enemy has come up with a means to stop the Hulk. Still, Dracula tells Legate to gather whatever soldiers are avaiable as he is giving Kodo and hour before launching an all out attack on the Hulk.

Solicit Synopsis

As the possessed, power-enhanced Hulk wreaks havoc through the countryside, only one group stands between him and untold destruction: The Vampire Nation! Dracula gathers the newly-united vampire legions to stop the unstoppable, but as volley after volley fails, it appears their only hope may be a mysterious stranger from Dracula’s past. Marvel craftsman Victor Gischler and artist-to-watch Ryan Stegman deliver a story with plenty of bite, and they aren’t afraid to draw blood!

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