Quote1 I thought I could break the cycle and help this poor girl. That was my mistake. This is no 'poor girl.' She loves what she does. It wasn't just nurture -- or lack thereof. It was nature. It's in her blood. She lives on other people's pain and death. Including mine. Quote2
-- Commander Steve Rogers

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The Origin of Sin, daughter of the Red Skull — and some of the quirkiest Cap stories ever told! Captain America, regressed to a 98-pound weakling, vs. a teenage death cult and the Sisters of Sin! Battle Star and the Falcon, together against the Serpent Society! Featuring a special guest-appearance by the voluptuous Sersi! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA #355-356 and material from #357, fully remastered with modern coloring. Plus: an all-new framing sequence by Jim McCann.


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