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Quote1.png I don't even know how long I've been going. Fifteen, sixteen hours? Carlie is alright, thank God. I found her in her apartment with a knife, scared that every killer she ever helped put away was coming to get her. No one's heard from May, but everything's down now. She could be anywhere... But the one place she probably is, I can't seem to get to. Because no matter how I scared I am for her... ...I can't let people die. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Day One"

Robert Christansen is the CFO of Roxxon Oil. The company's books are crooked. Soon, people will find out and they will lose millions. Christansen fears retailation.

Karen Anderson is a woman who is has been pregnant for eight and a half months. Her husband believes the baby isn't his. Anderson fears her husband will leave her.

John Russel is a homeowner who lost his job. He missed a mortgage payment and the bank will evict him and his family. He fears his family being taken from him.

Spider-Man saves a Muslim taxi driver, Naveed Moshtaghi, from an angry mob. He takes him to a rooftop, and he tries to call Aunt May but the phone is down. Spider-Man then tells Naveed to take care of his family and he swings away. Spider-Man has been saving a lot of people since the beginning of the Fear.

Christansen calls his wife to apologize. Her wife thinks that Christansen was leaving her.

Anderson has just gone into labor.

Russel loads a gun.

Spider-Man saves a wounded boy, but the police attack him. Spider-Man puts the boy in a safe place and escapes. He then finds Christansen about to fall from a building. Spider-Man saves him. Then, Spider-Man is attacked by rats, and suddenly, Vermin appears.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN SPIDER-MAN IS ROCKED BY THE EVENT OF THE YEAR! Manhattan is gripped in a violent panic. Peter Parker has not slept in days. Abandoning all his friends and all his family, Spider-Man cannot…WILL not… stop if there are people who need to be saved. But as the opening salvos of Fear Itself take their violent toll, will Spidey have what it takes to fight his own doubts? Find out right here!


Takes place after Fear Itself #1

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