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Quote1.png I can feel it, gnawing at me. The fear. It's so raw, so real... I see them all, everyone I care about, everyone I love. Carlie... dead. Mary Jane, dead because of me. Aunt May, dead. Because I wasn't good enough. I wasn't fast enough, I wasn't strong enough, I wasn't smart enough, and she's dead because of me. My fault. My responsibility. And I failed them. I failed them all. Please, God, somebody make it stop. The fear is so strong it's like I'm on fire. So powerful I can feel it. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Day Two"

At hour twenty-five, John Russel points a gun at a man he believes works for the bank that is foreclosing on his house when he is just trying to get off the streets. Karen Anderson was able to find a taxi but the driver abandoned her in the chaos. Norah Winters is at Times Square with her photographer to cover the madness for the Daily Bugle. A hammer waits on Yancy Street.

Spider-Man lies on the ground being chewed on by a swarm of rats. He pulls himsself together but is soon attacked by Vermin. Richard Christiansen comes to his aid and hits Vermin over the head with a golf club, giving Spider-Man the moment he needed to take down Vermin.

At hour twenty-eight, John Russel shoots the man, much to his own surprise. Karen Anderson feels the baby coming and screams in pain. Memebers of the Green Goblin cult come to kill Norah Winters. The hammer still sits idle.

Spider-Man, having dropped Vermin off at the Baxter Building, is wearing a new costume and has refilled his web-shooters but starts to think that he might have rabies.

Spider-Man goes to see Mayor Jameson in his office to check in on him but Jameson promptly orders him to go back out and help.

At hour thirty-seven, John Russel wanders the streets. Karen blacks out after losing too much blood. Norah finds a church. The Future Foundation discovers the hammer.

At hour thirty-eight, Norah enters the church and is greeted by a pries. John Russel enters shortly after holding his gun. Spider-Man crashes through the stained-glass window and tries to calm John down by telling him that the man he shot is still alive. He falls to his feet and hands the gun over to the priest.

Spider-Man and Norah leave the church and see Karen Anderson lying on the steps. As he webs her up to take her to the hospital, the Thing picks up the hammer and transforms into Angrir.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN The biggest event of the year continues as 'Fear Itself' tears New York City apart under the Serpent's influence. Spider-Man's right in the middle of it, protecting everyday people... from themselves. But two days in, there's no sign of hope, no sign of salvation, and Spider-Man finds himself at the mercy of a foe even he fears...VERMIN.


Takes place during Fear Itself #3

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