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Quote1.png There is no hope. I can barely stand. I can't feel my right arm. There's blood in my eyes, my ears. He's stronger than me. I can't even hurt him. There is no hope... but luckily... I'm too big of an idiot to accept it. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Day Three"

At hour fourty-one, Dr. Shahrzad Rafiee, attending physician of New York General E.R., faces a nonstop wave of people coming in for various medical reasons. Norah Winters follows behind Spider-Man in her car. Karen Anderson is certain that she and her baby will die. The Thing, now possessed by Angrir, Breaker of Souls, sees Spider-Man swing past him and decides to kill him to spread fear and set an example to anyone who opposes his new master, the Serpent.

Spider-Man arrives at the hospital and turns Karen Anderson over to Dr. Rafiee, who informs him that she has died. Suddenly, Angrir bursts in and comes after Spider-Man, who comes to the conclusion that Thing is possessed.

It's clear from the start that Spider-Man is far too outmatched physically to beat him so he instead tries to help Thing break free of Angrir's control, but he is too far gone and hits Spider-Man so hard he goes into cardiac arrhthmia. Dr. Rafiee goes to his aid but Angrir corners them and prepares to deal the final blow.

Norah Winters hits him over the head with an IV drip pole, turning his attention toward her, giving Dr. Rafiee enough time to help Spider-Man. Just as Norah is about to be stuck down be Angrir's hammer, Spider-Man disarms him and hits him with a barrage of punches. Though he is able to hurt him, Angrir summons his hammer and charges up for another attack. But the charges coming out of the hammer gives Spider-Man the idea to use a web to tear out the light above them, creating a blast that stuns Angrir. And whether it is because of the shock or Thing coming to his senses, Angrir leaves. Moments later, Spider-Man faints.

At hour fourty-eight, Navee Moshtaghi, the taxicab driver Spider-Man saved, sits in prayer with his family. Robert Christansen is comforted by his wife. John Russel prays for forgiveness in the church. Karen Anderson and her baby daughter survived. Her husband will return and all of his fears will disappear. Norah's story about the day will earn her talk of a Pulitzer Prize. Peter Parker recieved medical treatment and went back to work saving as many people as he could. Later, he would find out that Aunt May had left him several voicemails from her husband's phone telling him she was safe and to never lose hope.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! Day Three of the Fear. Spider-Man hasn't slept in 72 hours... he's hurt, exhausted, and he's the only hope the people of New York City have. And just when things seem as bad as they can get... it gets worse. The blockbuster event 'Fear Itself' continues as Spider-Man comes face to face with a friend under the Serpent's grip, a friend with every intention of killing Spider-Man with a very big hammer.


Takes place After Fear Itself #3 and Fear Itself: FF #1

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