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Quote1.png No thing of Asgard should rain destruction on the world of man. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Battle Lines!"

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  • Myriad Gallery (Only appearance; destruction)
  • Quincarrier

Synopsis for "Battle Lines!"

In the Ardennes, January 1945, the Valkyries of Asgard finds themselves on Midgard and discover a slaughtered host of troops. Brunnhilde suspects that some form of magic had brought them to this world. Before she could orders her sisters to depart, a surviving soldiers warns them that the Thule Society had unleashed something terrible that they failed to control. Brunnhilde sees the cause: a snow wyrm. Knowing that neither of them belong on Midgard, Brunnhilde slays the wyrm and promises to find those who summoned all of them to Midgard, declaring, "No thing of Asgard should rain destruction on the world of man."

In the present, as the relief efforts are provided to the aftermath of Blitzkrieg U.S.A., Captain America tells Valkyrie that he remains firm in his decision to keep the Hammers of the Serpent. Valkyrie insists that the hammers are Asgard's responsibility. Cap cynically reminds that no one will forget that Asgard holds responsibility for this disasters. Valkyrie doesn't disagree with him, but keeps insisting that mankind shouldn't be handling this. Cap shoots back that if the Asgardians expect to protect the weapons that they've lost control of in the first place, then they're wrong. Seeing this argument getting them nowhere, Cap states that most of the hammers have been located and contained in fortified locations while the rest they shall search for. Valkyrie warns that the hammers still pose a threat; others will try to exploit their power or seek them out. Cap doesn't care, for as far she he's concerned, humanity shall be just as prepared the Asgardians to stand against such a threat. Unless she's implying that Asgard will come for the hammers. Valkyrie objects to the accusation, reminding Cap that the Asgardians are his allies. Cap points out that this whole crisis is Asgard's fault, one that Odin tried to hide by destroying the Earth. He puts his foot down and states that once the situation's under control, he plans on having all the Avengers begin a manhunt for Sin.

At a masquerade ball on the Myriad Gallery, Crossbones meets with his contact Belmont, getting the location of all the hammers, before blowing up the cruise ship to cover his tracks. He then passes the data to Sin.

Onboard the Quincarrier, Valkyrie stands before the Hammer of Skadi and sees a brief vision of the snow wyrm. She is then approached by War Machine, who admits that Cap sent him to keep an eye on her. When she learns from him that he agrees with Cap's sentiments, she attacks him, before knocking him out and stealing the hammer.

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A new twice-monthly series featuring Captain America, the Avengers, and heroes and villains across the entire Marvel Universe! In the wake of FEAR ITSELF, CLASSIFIED. By the acclaimed writing team of Matt Fraction (FEAR ITSELF), Cullen Bunn (FEAR ITSELF: THE DEEP) and Chris Yost (FEAR ITSELF: SPIDER-MAN) and the powerhouse art team of Mark Bagley (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) and Paul Pelletier (THE INCREDIBLE HULKS).

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