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Quote1.png You know what I've always asked myself? How come more bids for world domination don't start in Charleston? Quote2.png
Daimon Hellstrom

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Synopsis for "Last Ride..."

Captain America, Valkyrie, and their strike force of assorted Avengers are struggling against the Sleeper and Sin's army. Valkyrie's supernaturally-sharp sword, Dragonfang, is able to piece the Sleeper's armor and injure Sin's spirit, who inhabits the machine. The Sleeper uses its flail of hammers to take flight to a more populous area, pursued by the Avengers. Bruunhilde speculates that her abilities as a Valkyrie can defeat the Sleeper, provided she can find her flying horse, Aragorn.

Crossbones approaches Doctor Strange and gives him the Thule Society's notes on the Sleeper and the Serpent's hammers, hoping it will be enough information to stop Sin. When Strange asks about his sudden change of heart, Crossbones admits that he hadn't known Sin was planning the destruction of the world, and that he just wants things to go back to the way they used to be.

The Sleeper touches down in Charleston, South Carolina. It releases a wave of fear which paralyses ally and enemy alike. Valkyrie rides to battle, but Aragorn is stricken by the fear and bucks her off. She engages the Sleeper in combat, but the robot seizes Valkyrie by the head and breaks her neck, apparently killing her.

Solicit Synopsis

• Valkyrie Stands Alone Against The Terrifying Power Of The D.O.A. While Sin Brings Her Earth-Shattering Plans To Completion! • This Deadly Plot Brings In A Host Of Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes, As A Universe Fights For Survival! • Valkyrie Faces A Shocking Fate As The Final Sleeper Awakens On The Road To The Pulse-Pounding Climax Of The Fearless, Don’t Miss It!

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