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Quote1.png Fear can be a powerful tool... but it is fleeting at best. Sooner or later, its hold over mankind will break. And once the shadows are exposed by the light, once the true nature of the darkness is revealed, it can never hold the same power. And in that moment, the shadow itself can know fear. I have to wonder, now that you feel the tide shifting beneath you... tell me, Sin -- are you afraid? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Ride Again..."

The heroes cower helplessly before the Sleeper's wave of fear. Crossbones, carrying Sin's inert body, is the only person immune -- he has nothing he fears losing, so nothing scares him.

Doctor Strange, poring over the Thule Society notes as best he can, realizes that Odin already put the pieces in place to neutralize the hammers. He prepares a powerful spell of summoning.

Dead and in Valhalla, Bruunhilde reunited with her lost love Sigmund. As Odin had promised, her service to him is over and she is free, but she does not feel she can rest quietly there. Her true nature is still as a Valkyrie. Doctor Strange's call reaches her, asking her to return to Earth and bring the Valkyrior with her.

Bruunhilde sacrifices her place in Valhalla and comes back to Midgard with the other eight riders. She divests the Sleeper of its flail of hammers and wields it herself, breaking its wave of fear and eventually toppling it with a thrust of her sword. Sin returns, traumatized, to her own body.

The next day, the eight Valkyrie conduct the eight hammers out of Midgard, to be their guardians for all time. Strange apologizes for pulling Bruunhilde out of paradise, but she says she was already getting bored.

At fallen Asgard, Freyja, Gaea, and Idunn ask Bruunhilde what she wants now. When she admits that all she wants is a purpose in life, they suggest that she form a new team of shieldmaidens: eight heroines chosen from Midgard, with herself to lead them.

As for Sin, Crossbones conducts her to a robbers' graveyard, the Dunwich Catacombs, and cheers her spirits by introducing her to the revived D.O.A., complete with a new logo which combines the HYDRA and Thule emblems.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Final Sleeper Has Decimated The Heroes Of The Marvel Universe And Nothing Stands In It’s Way! • Midgard And Asgard Tremble As Sin Executes Her Ultimate Revenge! • Valkyrie And Sin Face Their Final Destinies... • And They’ll Never Be The Same!

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