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Quote1.png Do you remember, Valkyrie, when you described how strangely my...deathglow...looked to you? Well, I know the spirits of my opponents, and yours looked strangely to me. You are nearly immortal...and yet you're chasing death. Why is that? Quote2.png
Raizo Kodo

Appearing in "Death Wish!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed troops
  • Unnamed Hammer of Mokk worshipers (First and only known appearance; dies)

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Synopsis for "Death Wish!"

March, 1945, Valkyrie comes upon a bunker outside Berlin, before being ambushed by a vampire named Raizo Kodo. Once he determines that she's not a threat nor allied with the Thule Society, he relents. He tells her that the Thule was attempting to experiment with his kind, so he slew them. He advises that she seek her answers elsewhere, warning that he's set up enough dynamite to blow up the bunker. He then disappears before Valkyrie could question him about the Thule.

In the present, Valkyrie has arrived in Transylvania and saves a would-be vampire victim. She locates another hammer in a mill. Unfortunately, it is guarded by Raizo and the Forgiven, who won't give it up without a fight.

In Paris, Crossbones is racing against the authorities to locate another hammer. Using a magic device, he locates his target, being worshiped by a cult who reveled being petrified by Grey Gargoyle. After lamenting their stupidity, he slaughters them all.

Back in Transylvania, Raizo battles Valkyrie, admitting that he stole the broken hammer from Dracula after his battle with the Hulk. As they duel, he admits that he wants this battle to peer into her soul. But just before he could deliver the killing blow, Valkyrie grabs his blade with her own hand, drawing blood and declares that the hammers are her concern, not his. Remarking that the very worlds he said to her 66 years ago are thrown back at him, Raizo concedes the hammer, or what's left of it to her. He also adds that an immortal such as she is chasing death. As Valkyrie departs, she is confronted by Sharon Carter, Black Widow, Prince of Orphans, Ant-Man and Shang-Chi, who have come to put a stop to her rogue operation. Then suddenly, they are surrounded by vampires.

Solicit Synopsis

Sin, Crossbones, and Valkeryie race across the globe in search the missing hammers! The Secret Avengers guest-star in a battle against Raizo and an army of zombies!

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