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Synopsis for "Angels and Demons!"

Germany, April, 1945, The Thule Society have found the Golden Apples of Idunn, which are said to restore the dead. Then suddenly, their castle is stormed by Valkyrie.

Transylvania, the present, the Secret Avengers are under attack by vampires. But as they fight, they are unaware of a small spider with a glyph on its back crawl into the bag carrying the remains of the Hammer of Nul. Unexpectedly, Raizo decides to help. Unfortunately, Sharon ends up bitten.

In South Carolina, a magic ritual brings Crossbones back from Paris. They then try channeling its energy. Sin's scientists are ravage by the hammer's sheer power, but strangely she and Crossbones are unaffected. Smiling deviously, Sin declares that she must have the rest of the hammers.

With Sharon on the verge of becoming a vampire, Valkyrie surrenders a golden apple to save her life. Black Widow reminds her that this doesn't change anything, as she has to face the consequences of her actions. But with no time to explain herself, Valkyrie summons her winged horse and flees. Ant-Man advises that they let her go. However, everyone is unaware of D.O.A. have sent the spider tracker on Valkyrie.

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• Sin, Crossbones, and Valkyrie race across the globe in search of the missing hammers! • The Secret Avengers guest-star in a battle against Raizo and an army of zombies!

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