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Ya know what I hate? I know... I know... Easy answer might be that I hate myself. Nah. That ain't it. Way I feel right now...after everything I did...everyone I hurt... I don't think enough of myself to hate. When I held that hammer...when it had ahold of me...I couldn't stop myself. And I still remember every ugly thing the Serpent's avatar -- Angrir -- whispered in my head. But now...more'n anything...I hate the idea of hurting my friends.
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You know...for many years I was used against my will...used for evil. But guilt can be a cruel master, too, if you let it. I'd never suggest that you forget the things you've done. But rather than letting your shame crush you, I'd suggest you work to set things right.
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Guest-starring the Thing and the FF, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Thunderbolts and more! The Serpent’s hammers could be the most dangerous artifacts in the world – vfm knows this all too well as she lays siege to the impenetrable headquarters of the FF…where the Thing stands guard over his own hammer of power! Meanwhile Sin and Crossbones pursue the weapons of mass destruction, from the depths of the seas to claim one from the undersea vault of the Sub-Mariner…to the shores of the island prison called the Raft to confront the Thunderbolts!

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