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Quote1.png This is what Lord Odin always intended for me. Once I've collected the hammers, I'll make my final journey to Valhalla. This place will cease to least in every way that matters...and the Serpent's weapons will vanish, too. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Perfect Storm..."

Long ago: Odin made a pact with the Celestials to keep the Valkyrior from entering Midgard. Brunnhilde and her fellows wondered what their purpose in life might be, speculating that it might all come down to obeying the will of the gods.

Present day: Valkyrie and Storm face off above the stormy coast of San Francisco. Aragorn struggles to fly in the whirlwinds and waterspouts that Storm can call up, but Valkyrie feints a dash toward land, then leaps down on Storm's head and knocks her out with the hammer. She leaves the unconscious X-Man safely on shore before departing.

At D.O.A. headquarters, Sin, Crossbones, and Daimon Hellstrom examine a large robot which the Serpent's hammers will empower. Hellstrom has been reading the Thule Society's notes and concludes that the Valkyrior appear to have a special purpose: to contain the Serpent's weapons and take them permanently out of the world. The thought of losing her hammer spooks Sin, and she pressures Crossbones to take immediate action.

Valkyrie returns to her hideaway with the hammer, but Tolor is not alone. Doctor Strange and Captain America have come to find her. Strange has come to realize that this little pocket dimension is part of Valkyrie's own soul, and that she intends to die to close it up forever once the hammers are inside. Val responds that she believes this was Odin's intention for her all along, and that she looks forward to her rest. Then it occurs to her that if Strange were able to find her with magic, so could her enemies.

The D.O.A., Crossbones, and Daimon Hellstrom have indeed discovered them. They bind Aragorn and fire a mortar directly into the little house, destroying it.

Solicit Synopsis

• Valkyrie versus Storm over the streets of San Francisco!
• Secrets of the Valkyrior revealed as Sin and Crossbones launch a vicious attack!
• Guest starring Captain America, Doctor Strange, and the Mighty Thor!

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