Quote1.png We take one of these *$%&# alive. The rest? Open season. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine (Logan)

Appearing in "Before The Devil Knows We're Dead (Chapter Two)"

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Other Characters:

  • Daniel Chilton (Appears on a computer screen, TV, or hologram only) (Corpse)




Synopsis for "Before The Devil Knows We're Dead (Chapter Two)"

At Cavern-X, Fantomex shows X-Force the video of the body of Daniel Chilton, the young superhero who was shot by Jonathan Standish, being carted away. Along with him, nearly 3,000 people killed themselves after watching Standish's live broadcast, not including the people who watched it in other countries.

Archangel returns to where they are holding Benedict Ryan, who initially believes he is a real angel, and forces him to tell him what he knows about Standish. He starts by telling him that he's a surgeon.

In his lab, Standish is operating on the brain of a man with advanced technology attached to his body when he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. The other doctors want to save him by using the defibrillator paddles but Standish stops him and gets angry at them. Mad that he was unable to save as many souls as he had hoped Standish has decided to take it upon himself to save them just as Garrity, the man who blew himself up at the airport, did.

Within E.V.A., X-Force is hovering in Earth's orbit in anticipation for Standish's next move. While the team debates if Standish's message has any truth in it, E.V.A. picks up multiple emergency signals in small towns. Armed with heavy technology attached to their bodies, Purifier soldiers are killing as many people as they can. Though they can't get to every location, Psylocke only needs one so that she can retrieve Standish's location. As they head to the nearest location, Wolverine dispatchees Archangel to Texas, Deadpool to Oklahoma, and Psylocke and Fantomex to Missouri. However, the Purifiers have bombs strapped to their chests, killing them before anyone can take them alive. Psylocke attempts to rewire one Purifier's bomb, but she fails and both she and Fantomex are caught in the explosion

Meanwhile, back in his lab, Standish has made a bomb out of multiple Purifier soldiers.

Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN With the events of FEAR ITSELF causing worldwide panic, Jonathan Standish and his cell of rogue Purifiers look to take their murderous mission to the next level. Believing superheroes have brought about the end of the world, just how many innocents can these Purifiers kill? How many 'souls' can they save from the devil? And where will they strike next? If ever there was a group worthy of X-Force's lethal talents, this is it. But is there a grain of truth hidden in Standish's askew thinking?


This series takes place between Uncanny X-Force #4 and Uncanny X-Force #5

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