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Quote1.png I've seen so many people die, and you -- to you it's, what, some kinda math problem? Some joke? What?! You're a disgrace. You dishonor every hero living or dead that came before you. Innocent people, good people, they die. And a cold-hearted monster like you, you just keep on living, don't you? Cap's dead. Nomad... You don't deserve to breathe the air they breathed. Quote2.png
-- Gravity

Appearing in "Youth in Revolt (Part Four)"

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Synopsis for "Youth in Revolt (Part Four)"

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Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN Sometimes, all it can take is a single moment. A moment that can irrevocably change the course of everything. It can spark innovation, or destroy worlds, or shake a person to their very core. For Gravity, that moment has come, and this is what he intends to do about it...

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