Quote1.png It was my destiny to guide sentient life, but that means nothing now. In truth, I grow...ever more weary. Soon I will not have strength enough to...keep this...encumbrance...at bay. The moment to come, not even I will not survive. I, who was meant for such grant designs, will perish with the rest. That...that is the finality which we now face. Quote2.png
-- Thor Girl

Appearing in "Youth in Revolt (Part Five)"

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Synopsis for "Youth in Revolt (Part Five)"

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Solicit Synopsis

FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN! The end is nigh. As the world falls apart around our heroes, will they run away? Freeze up? Lose their minds? Or will they stand their ground and remain strong to the end? (And, yes, that's CLOUD 9's new costume! Pretty spiff, right?)


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