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Quote1.png There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I'm just remembering. Weapons left in the field...dangers I can still prevent. I think maybe that's the path...a way to the redemption I've been looking for. Quote2.png
Winter Soldier

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Synopsis for 1st story

Steve Rogers reflects on his life and his partnership with Bucky. Just then, Nick Fury arrives to tell him something.

Flashing back to Blitzkrieg U.S.A., Black Widow is growing frantic for Bucky's life after Skadi's attack. Fury tells her to let the medics do their job. A soldier tells her that they got a faint pulse. Fury then passes an LMD double to fake Bucky's death to the Avengers. They bring him to Secret Base #008, where they have a chance to save him with the last dose of the Infinity Formula that had granted Fury longevity. However, the decision is up to Widow.

In the present, Steve attacks Fury, assuming he made the choice himself until Bucky and Widow show up. They apologize for not telling him, but he had a war to win. Steve insists that they shouldn't just fake his death but Bucky it's for the best, as he had decided to return to his former identity as the Winter Soldier, at least for the time being.

Three hours later, a wake is hosted at the Avengers Mansion. Hawkeye notes that Fury has been beaten up but is refused any details. He also notices that Steve is absent.

As a rainstorm presides over NYC, Bucky tells Steve that there are some loose ends he made as the Winter Soldier that he needs to clean up and drives off.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Marvel Universe holds a wake for Bucky Barnes • Fear Itself forever altered the life of Captain America, see how!

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