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Appearing in 1st story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Serpent (Corpse, skeleton or other remains)

Other Characters:

  • Gaea's foal
  • Gaea's pup
  • Gaea's baby
  • unnamed clinic patients




Synopsis for 1st story

The Avengers and Asgardians are gathered as Odin mourns the death of Thor at the hands of the Serpent. Odin brings his son's body back to Asgard, where Gaea, Freyja and Idunn meet with him.

In Broxton, Oklahoma, the Warriors Three arrive at Jane Foster's clinic to inform her of Thor's passing. Soon enough, denizens from all the nine worlds gather for Thor's funeral.

Up in Asgard, Odin tells his wives that with his sons dead, Asgard has no heirs and he chooses to abdicate so the All-Mother can rule Asgard.

Odin then returns to Earth to retrieve the fallen body of the Serpent, his brother Cul, lamenting that the centuries of trying to prevent the prophecy of Thor's death was for naught. He then returns to Asgard, banishing all other Asgardians to remain on Earth.

As the funeral begins, Spider-Man notices that all Asgardians are sitting down. Suddenly, from the funeral pyre rises a new God of Thunder, Thanarus. As the Avengers rejoice, Loki senses that something is off.

Meanwhile, Thor is seen floating in a limbo-like state.

Solicit Synopsis

• Odin decides the final fate of Asgard...and it will never be the same. • The heroes of the Nine Worlds bid farewell to one of their own. • THOR NO MORE!


  • During Thor's funeral, Iron Man is always seen to the left of Spider-Man, despite being shown from the back and the front.

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