Quote1 Gun's empty -- didn't even faze 'em -- he just keeps on comin' -- like a blasted tank! Quote2
-- Hank Drummond

Appearing in "Man-Thing!"

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Synopsis for "Man-Thing!"

A man named Hank Drummond takes his infant son, Bobby, and tosses over the edge of a bridge. Little does he realize that the Man-Thing is stationed beneath the bridge, and catches the child. The sensation sparks images of his final moments as Ted Sallis, and some humanitarian element of the Man-Thing's psyche brings the child to the doorstep of Doctor Warren B. Thompson.

Hank meanwhile, returns to his home where he argues with his wife, Billie-Jo. He lies to Billie-Jo and tells her that little Bobby fell ill, so he brought him to Doc Thompson. Suddenly, Hank hears a ruckus taking place outside.

In the swamps outside the Drummond cabin, the Man-Thing is embroiled in a struggle with a hungry crocodile. He quickly crushes the animal, and then lumbers onward towards the cabin. Hank sees the creature and grabs a shotgun. He tells Billy-Jo to run for her life.

The Man-Thing clamps his hand across Hank's face, and begins to burn him slowly. Billy-Jo begs the Man-Thing to release him, and miraculously he does. Hank’s body slumps down to the ground, barely conscious. The Man-Thing turns and walks back out into the swamp.

Appearing in "The Spell of the Sea Witch!"

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  • Ted
  • Jan
  • Ghost Pirates

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  • Ghost Ship

Synopsis for "The Spell of the Sea Witch!"

Bugsy robs a bank, and runs for it. He hijacks a motorboat with innocents, Ted and Jan aboard. Fleeing to international waters, they come across a ghost ship. The Ghost Pirate Captain convinces Bugsy to dig up some buried treasure, while the Ghost First Mate frees Ted and Jan, telling them the ghosts are really actors. Having done a good deed, and atoned for their sins, the ghosts are freed from the curse, and fade away. Bugsy is left stranded alone on a desert island.

Appearing in "There is Something Strange About Mister Jones!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Tales of Suspense #17.

Synopsis for "There is Something Strange About Mister Jones!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Tales of Suspense #17.

Solicit Synopsis

In his own series at last! The macabre Man-Thing - perhaps the most monstrous "hero" ever! Script by Conway - art by Gray Morrow!


  • Cover title from here on changes to Adventure into Fear; the indicia title remains unchanged.
  • The Man-Thing is the title spotlight character beginning with this issue and continuing until issue #19. Following issue #19, the title focuses on Morbius, the Living Vampire.


  • Jack Katz is credited as "Jay Hawk" in this issue.

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